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First birthday cake/Rice allergy (FPIES)

I was wondering what everyone did for their child with a food allergy for their first birthday cake.  My son was diagnosed with FPIES associated with rice.  Unfortunately, rice is in almost everything and when I checked with a few local bakeries they all use a modified food starch that may contain rice.  I do not want to risk it and put my son in the hospital for his first birthday, so I am thinking of just making him a smash cake and ordering a cake for the adults.  I was wondering what everyone here did?  Any suggestions/recipes?

Re: First birthday cake/Rice allergy (FPIES)

  • It isn't hard to make your own cake, I would just make him one and then you don't have to worry about it.  It is rare these days to find a bakery willing to make something for someone with food allergies.  It is too high of a risk for them and honestly, why should we be taking that risk?
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