Fucking man cold strikes again. — The Bump

Fucking man cold strikes again.

I've been sick on off for the better part of the last 2 months, thanks to the stomach bug and this GD sinus infection. I'm still hacking up all sorts of nastiness and on my 2nd round of antibiotics.

DH just came down with a man cold last night....and all of a sudden....the world must be ending. Jfc, DH..I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but join the fucking club. Now get it together!

Thanks for letting me whine...thats all for now! Anyone else, please feel free to air your grievances here as well!
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Re: Fucking man cold strikes again.

  • My H woke me up last night to tell me he didn't feel well. "What's wrong, H?" Sore throat and congestion. I was so pissed. I'm sorry? Unless you're dying, please let me sleep. Also, I have had 3 colds in the last 11 weeks and I can't take anything for them, so really, I have no sympathy.

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  • @chardonnay24 I'm right there with you! Its been brutal.

    MH insists poo n taking his temperature incessantly when he's sick. Last night he was walking all over the house asking me where the the thermometer was. I'm like, "ok really? Why is it imperative thay you see a number on the thermometer to prove you're sick? If you dont feel well, take some meds and go to bed! No need to obsess over what the thermometer says."
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  • I have no idea why autocorrect changed "on" to "poo". Haha
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  • @CtGirl30 Yeah its been unbelievable how much sickness we've had in this house this past winter. I'm someone who used to NEVER get sick...but ever since DS started PT daycare in January and I started working PT, its been a never ending stream.

    And yes, its always wonderful to see hoe the world stops spinning when MH gets sick, but I'm still expected to do laundry, cook dinner, care for our child, and generally keep the household running when I'm sick. Ugh.
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  • I believe the universe created the Man Cold to prove to everyone that women are definitely the stronger sex. 

    I mean, forget childbirth, periods/cramps, etc. But the fucking Man Cold...ugh.

    (You might say I'm dealing with it right now and someone wants to play Pain Olympics.)

    GL, ladies. Lots of hugs!!
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