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So my kid is kind of an asshole

Dd is 2.5. About 2 weeks ago we moved her to a big kid bed. Week one was glorious. She loved the bed and though she was the shit going to bed. Week 2 not so much. There were 2 days of crying shananigans and when she realized that wasn't working she decided to get out of bed eleventy billion times. Tonight I told her that she needed to go to and stay in bed like a big girl or she was going to have to go back to sleeping in her crib. She though about that for a second and then said sarcastically "ummmm I don't think so mama. My cribs gone away." Are toddlers supposed to be able to understand and execute sarcasm? She's currently in bed yelling at Winnie the Pooh for some infraction and I'm on the couch drinking all the wine.
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Re: So my kid is kind of an asshole

  • Kids definitely have their asshole moments at all ages... currently my 14 yr old DS seems to be going for a record of how many assholish moments he can have in a day...SIGH....
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  • DS tried to put ME in time out the other day! As if! 

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