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Looking for recommendations on a plastic surgeon in Atlanta

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Hey there.

I'm happy to find this forum (I wish I used it back when I was pregnant)  and I'm looking for some advice. I don't really feel comfortable asking my colleagues about surgery and none of my friends have needed a breast lift (or any plastic surgery), so here I am asking the internet for help.

I have decided since I am now in my 30's that my girls need some help in the gravity department (breast feeding and losing weight left me with some seriously deflated boobs). I would like for them to look like they do when they're in a bra, but while nude. I just really want my boobs back...nothing bigger or new, just my old boobs back.

So there are A LOT of surgeons here! I found this list on RealSelf and it is reassuring and also frustrating to see so many highly rated surgeons. I am happy there is a lot of talent here, but I find myself being pulled in a lot of directions. I know I can't just have consultations with each one that I am interested in as that would become expensive, tiring and more. So what now?

I've become pulled towards Dr. Mark Codner....he is super close to me, his office looks professional, he seems to know his stuff and most importantly, he has nice reviews. That being said, I feel like there are also a lot of other Surgeons in the city and now I am confused on what to do :/

Do any of you have any recommendations/experience with Dr. Codner or any others? Do you have any other tips that I should look for in my search? I wish I had a friend that had this procedure and I could just go where she did.

I would love learn about your procedure (even if you had another procedure) and your surgeon.

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from some of you.


Re: Looking for recommendations on a plastic surgeon in Atlanta

  • I used to work for Dr. Keith Hanna when he lived in Augusta. Highly recommend his work! I think his ATL practice is Marietta Plastic Surgery.
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  • Hey K&P414, thanks for replying to my question and suggesting a referral.  Dr. Hanna is on that list too and falls into the category of "highly rated surgeons" :D I'll look into him and thank you again!
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  • Highly recommend Dr. Mark Crispin
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  • amyb05 - another recommendation that happens to be on the above list - THANK YOU! This is great to see that these reviewer ratings are matching up on the two recommendations I have received.  Thanks for sharing and for your input. :)
  • I used to work as a nurse on a OB-GYN floor and we had a lot of patients with breast surgeries. I would very highly recommend Dr Grace Ma.
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