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Mommy and Me groups? (Lower Bucks)

Hi everyone! I'm a FTM with a 4w baby and new to the area. I delivered at Abington and I know they have a Baby Talk group every other week, but can anyone suggest another group in the area? Thanks all!

Re: Mommy and Me groups? (Lower Bucks)

  • Following this thread. I'm a future FTM in Bensalem due in June '14. Would love to find out about any nearby groups or resources!

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  • Bucks County Community Church in Langhorne & the Presbyterian church in Langhorne also have MOPS groups.  There's a pretty active MOMs group in Bensalem as well.  And if you're close to St. Mary's hospital, their parenting resource center has a lot of programs for babies up to preschoolers where you can meet other moms.  Also, if you follow Mommy's Lil Black Book on Facebook, you'll get a lot of ideas of things in the area to do with your little one.
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  • @southbelle Do you know any info about the MOMs group in Bensalem? I live there and would love to get some info!

    I found a Lower Bucks Newborn and Expecting Moms group on Meetup (not sure if that's the same one) and they seem pretty active. I haven't attended a meet up yet because most of their events are for the babies and I'm still expecting, but they have monthly Moms Night Out events that are child-free and seem really nice.

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  • try on facebook. I have some family in bucks, and I know they do stuff with a facebook mom group. 

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