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kiwi allergy or just acidity of the kiwi

I will obviously consult with our Ped but was just googling around after a reaction to Kiwi today in my 9 almost 10 month old.  She broke out in a rash around her mouth and cheek had raised rash bumps.  About 2 hours later her eyes we super puffy and she sounded congested.

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Re: kiwi allergy or just acidity of the kiwi

  • Looks and sounds like an allergic reaction to me.  While Kiwi is rare, you can be allergic to pretty much anything. 

    DD used to react with hives/rash around her mouth to tomatoes, but her allergist wasn't concerned.  Said to just put Vaseline around her mouth when she ate them.  She ended up growing out of it.   So I guess it could be an acidity thing too.  I would hold off and consult an allergist just to be safe though.

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  • If it were just a rash around the mouth, I would say it was just a contact rxn caused by the acidity of the fruit and to cover skin with a barrier cream/ointment before eating. DS has these weekly so I try to remember to put Aquaphor around his mouth before he eats anything acidic.

    However, the fact that your LO was congested as well makes me think it's an allergic rxn.
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  • I'm a lurker but has she ever had a reaction with bananas or avocados?
    I am allergic to all latex fruits which are kiwi's, bananas, avocados and water chestnuts.

  • C&Csmommy she does not like bananas or avocados.  We finally have an appointment in a few weeks with an allergist. She has had reactions to dairy as well.
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  • My allergist told me that kids will usually refuse or "not like" foods they are allergic to and it is their bodies form of defense! I would be sure to mention that because I never knew that they were all in the same "family" but now bananas, avocados and kiwis sound disgusting to me even though I used to eat them like crazy! Good luck and I hope you get answers :)

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