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What has worked for you to help your baby's constipation? I've tried no solids, puréed pear, lots of BM, sips of water. He's taking hard nuggets. Someone told me ground flax seeds on purred pear. Anyone tried that??

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  • We did puréed prunes for a few days. Works gray, but the results might not be instant.
  • I mix1-2 ounces of prune juice into LO's oatmeal as he won't drink it straight. Same day results.
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  • Pureed prunes worked within an hour for us.
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  • Pureed prunes or prune juice
  • Prune puree just as others have said - and it's usually same day results.
  • You can give a little Maylox.  I just asked my pedi this Monday.



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  • Our pedi recommended chamomile tea in a bottle and just go easy on the solids and keep them hydrated.
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  • Prunes,pears,apricots,beans...more water! Ongoing battle over here.
  • UPDATE: dr said he was fine & not to worry or do anythig. She said his belly wasn't hard & since he is not in pain or straining, to just leave it be.
  • Rectal thermometer inserted for 1 minute.  Doesn't cause any discomfort to the baby like it may to you or I.  Works every time for me!  My son had the same problem and now my daughter was constipated last week.  Hard little rabbit turds not her usual poops.  I inserted thermometer in am and by the afternoon she had pooped a normal poop.  Now that I know she has been having a little issue I have put 1/3 prunes in with her solid offerings to help softner her up.  Remember constipation is not going a long time between poops if the poops are still normal, constipation is a change in the consistancy or feel of the poop itself.  More hard when baby used to be soft.  My son used to go 7 days without pooping, but then he'd have normal soft poops and he was just that spread out on poops.  My daughter poops more often but I knew she was constipated with she had hard poops and not much in there. 
  • We just give her a prune (cut into bite-sized pieces) with her breakfast every AM, and that seems to have helped keep her from getting constipated (we gave her pureed pears and prune juice after a particularly bad round of not pooping, and that seemed to do the trick).
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