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Relocation advice

Hi everyone,

We currently live in NJ. We both have good jobs. We are thinking of relocating to a more southern state within the next 2 or so years. NJ is super expensive (housing, taxes etc.), however, we realize that we also get paid more than many of the southern states. I would like your input on VA as far as cost of living and pay ratio. I know that we would be taking a pay cut to move and want to figure out if how substantial it would be and if it would be worth it. We are both originally from the caribbean and long for warmer climate, low cost of living, affordable housing, good pay and great schools. I am a speech-language pathologist in the schools and my husband is a supervisor at our local cable company. Neither of our jobs have the opportunity for us to merely transfer. My husband LOVES when we visit VA and  is obsessed with us living there lol.  We requently visit one of friends who lives in the hampton roads area. Any advice? TIA

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Re: Relocation advice

  • @jaimaican love Im relocating from FL to VA so thank you for this question!

    @Lcostel -- we're looking into moving to Charlottesville , would you mind if I pm'd you with a few questions?!? tia

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  • I live in Hampton Roads, but am originally from NY.  The taxes and cost of living are definitely a lot less down here.  The cost for housing in Hampton Roads varies depending on what city you live in (there are 7 of them).  If you are looking for the best school districts you will pay more for housing in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or parts of Norfolk.  And housing is definitely cheaper in most parts of Richmond over Virginia Beach or Chesapeake.  I live in a 2-bedroom condo and my MIL in Richmond has a huge single-family home for less than what we paid for our place.  Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions. 

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  • I'm in the Roanoke/ Blacksburg area and we have a pretty low cost of living. The pay is not as great but it's still pretty good. For example an experienced computer programmer starts around 85k/year here whereas they can make 100k in NOVA. However, a house that costs 90k here costs 200k in NOVA. You can easily eat out at a pretty good restaurant for 10/ person.

    Lots of good schools and colleges too.
  • Thanks everyone.

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  • I'm from Ohio, and at least from where I was, the pay is exponentially higher here (Hampton Roads area). It was very hard at first because it's a completely different ball game. From what I've found, in my opinion, we Northerners start off very wary  when we first meet people and then gradually let them in. Down here,  they're excited to see you at first because you're new. Then they either test you(see who you know, ask you really personal questions to see how you respond) or forget about you for awhile until you come up on their radar again.

    After 25 years of living in Ohio, it was a HUGE shock for me. In fact, sometimes it still is. But your instincts will tell you who to be around. There are very wonderful people around here, you just have to let them come to you. I've been here now a year and a half and I have a good base of a few close friends, and a few acquaintances. The rest I just smile politely and start sentences with "Bless your heart"
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