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Been kinda dead lately so what does every one do for fun?

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  • For the past 3 months, bottles, diapers, nap and try to work a little.

    I used to play guitar, fish, work on computers, read, collect antique tools, restore boats, tractors and motorcycles, remodel houses, basically anything that required physical labor that I could make extra money at.
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  • Lol sounds like u had a lot to keep u busy before you had a baby
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  • Home brewing (doing that now), running and traveling. Traveling hasn't been as successful as i would have liked it to be over the past few years but we have so many other priorities for our money.
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    I am training for a marathon in 2 months, so any free time outside the house is at the gym or track.
  • Ah nice! I've got a marathon in the fall and have a number if half marathons this spring!
  • Full marathon is no joke even in my prime running days id probably have troubles completing it in decent time anyway
  • Brewing sounds interesting I've kinda sorta looked into starting brewing but never got started
  • I did a full marathon in 2005. I would have done more, but something would always end up hurting me. I've signed up for a half in May. I'm going to try to start training for it this week since the weather has been nicer.

    I lift some weights during lunch time. I used to bowl, but now priorities have shifted. I might get into it again at some point. Before kids I was basically a professional exam taker so I never got into a cool hobby.

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    Homebrewing and video games are what I do in my limited spare time.

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