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Late Night Bumpies!!!! Who is up??

I am....I have 1,000,000 things on my mind, It wont shut down :(

Re: Late Night Bumpies!!!! Who is up??

  • Me and you again huh ;) LOL
  • Prostate cancer huh.....did it tell you that you have 18 months to live? I hate Dr. Google!!! Sorry though for real that your getting sick OR are sick. 
  • They are up, more people viewed this thread then just you who commented. I think maybe they don't like us?? LOL. 
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  • Up too! @hercules03‌ sorry about your prostate cancer. On another note, I like this new bump update! When I start typing your name it pulls it up. No more going back n forth with peeps who have long user names
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  • It does not do that for me with the names, I wish it did, I always copy and paste names ;)
  • @Cambury108‌ hmmm? Try a app reset?
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  • @hercules03‌ and @Cambury108‌ it's interesting to see other bumpies who have similar names!
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  • Eggerkr I am on a laptop. No app ;)
  • @Cambury108‌ what if you cleared your history/ cookies. Yum cookies!
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  • I will try that ;) I had cookies earlier tonight. Yummy in my tummy.
  • @Cambury108‌ what kind? I could go for some thin mints right about now! In your state to the gs' get to sell their cookies at the entrance if the grocery store? I feel like I get verbally assaulted by 10 year olds when I walk in. Not that it's a issue but you feel bad telling them no.
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  • Chocolate Chip Chewy ones :) 
    Last week I had an ice cream that was Thin Mint GS cookie flavor :) :)

    YES!!!!!!!!! Drives me batty. I feel the same. I always feel bad saying no though.
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    @Cambury108‌ I'm out too! The baby is sleeping again and I need to wake up early to make a walmart run before work to buy pantyhose so I can wear a skirt.

    Btw I think @hercules03‌ left us too. Good night ladies
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  • I need to go too, I just pumped 1 last time and I have to get up in 4 hours to get my older two up. I keep feeling like its only 1:38 and then I look and its 2:38...UGH!!! Thanks for the company! Night. 
  • I'm up. LO has the farts and is freaking out about it.

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  • I am going to need ALL of the caffeine tomorrow :( I would seriously rather just stay up than be woken up after I just fell asleep.


  • Yeah I don't know how I'm gonna do it when I go back to work on Wednesday.

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  • I'm up, baby ate just letting him sleep upright for a bit before I put him back to bed. Damn you baby reflux! I shake my fist at you.
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  • I'm up. LOs just rolling around on my chest. Motor boat station over here apparently. Can you hold still and latch LO, why do you have so much energy?
  • While I was holding LO trying to help him fart, he looked up at me and started smiling and was wanting to play. Umm not at 3:45 am!

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  • I just wanna know where these sudden burst of energy come from in the middle of the night and where I can remove myself from the list.
  • I'm up. First feeding of the night. Went too smoothly. LO is back sleeping in his bassinet and I'm wide awake. Lol


  • I'm up for feeding #2. We've been trying to put LO to bed earlier, but it hasn't really been successful. :( Tonight he was in bed asleep by 6:45pm (way To go DH!), then woke up at 7:15 screaming bloody murder for no reason. Ugh. DH had given him a bottle for the last feeding, and I ended up having to nurse him on top of that as nothing else would console him. So then he was up until 8:30. WTH kiddo??
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  • And we're back to bed! Night ladies!
  • I'm up for the 3rd (4th??) time tonight. It's growth spurt time. I was having the most effed up dream before I woke up so I was happy that DS started fussing and woke me up!
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  • I am awake pumping. In watching LO on the monitor. She somehow managed to get her hand out of the halo swaddle. Fuck. Now she's smacked herself awake and is nibbling on her hand.... Go back to sleep!!
  • Up! Though I was also up an hour ago because LO started making little noises periodically. Just one every 5-10 mins & I kept praying she stayed awake until at least 4 so DH could get up to help. She stayed down until 4:40 yay! When I got up I realized I hadn't pumped before bed, holy engorged boobs! I put my hands free pump bra on while I heated my compress and I had an oz in the bottles before I even attached to the motor! For not having major leaking issues anymore, that.'a pretty bad!
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  • Up at 4a to eat and took 30 mins to go back down due to gas. Poor baby girl some days she's great at burps and is clearly not one of those days. Oh well it won't last forever right?

  • When I got up I realized I hadn't pumped before bed, holy engorged boobs!

    I would have woken up in a puddle! My boobs almost never leak except when engorged, then it gets crazy!
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  • I'm up but not at work tonight. LO ate 3 hrs ago and has thankfully been sleeping but very restless since. Between that and DH snoring I am awake.
  • @Cambury108‌ how did the "sleep over" thing go with your son?

    Oh cool, the auto complete thing works for me too!

    According to DH, LO was awake basically all night last night, then was awake all day yesterday and finally went to sleep at 11pm. So instead of sleeping when I got home from work yesterday morning I had to stay awake with LO so DH could sleep. Then we took turns sleeping/watching LO all day. It was exhausting and DH lost his cool at one point and was cursing at the cats, LO, his body (long story). It was scary and I was frustrated with him.
  • Hi ladies. I'm up. 3am in the west coast. Getting ready to feed baby.

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  • West coast bumpies! I just got done feeding G. I'm super sick and just made a dr appointment. I'm not sure when was the last time I went to the dr for being sick. My symptoms showed up Saturday night and I'm not getting better. Luckily I got my flu shot this year.
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  • West coast here. Second feeding of the night. He slept briefly today off and on, finally passing out on DH at 4:30 and then stayed asleep through feedings until I took over at 1AM. Unbelievably, he went back to sleep easily. I keep feeling for a fever but he seems fine. I guess the last few nights of partying have caught up with him, too. Stay asleep, LO; Mommy can't keep up with your rock star life!

  • sventurarn the sleep over went well, thanks so much for asking.

    He had a GREAT time of course, I was the nervous nelly. I don't feel ready for friend sleep overs still but I feel more comfortable with him staying where he was and maybe a few other family places. He came back home and somehow looked older. I know that sounds cheesy or cliche or whatever but he did. He is growing up on me WAY to fast....sigh. 

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  • I'm up way to early, got to take hubby to the hand dr and since california had such a huge quake off the coast, I feel like not leaving the baby with the babysitter cause I have a irreational fear we are going to have a quake and we all will not be together.
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