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Job contract negotiation

Hey guys, I apologize if this is a duplicate post, I swear I thought I posted this yesterday but I don't see it anywhere.  Anyway, I am looking for some advice on negotiating my hours/salary with my employer.  Basically I'm trying to transition from working only in the office to working both in the office and also from home.  I can get into the specifics here, or email me at [email protected] if you'd prefer.  

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  • Just ask for what you want and show your employer how you will be able to accomplish it. Then go back and forth. Be willing to ask for the moon and accept the stars.
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  • Thanks, but that's not exactly what I'm asking for. I need some input on realistic sales vs. commission numbers along with transitioning from working hourly in the office to working from home.
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  • I am not familiar with how things work in your particular industry but I did just negotiate a flexible schedule deal. I am salaried and I took 10 percent less to work a flexible schedule of 8 to 2 in the office and 3 to 5 at home. From what I have seen of those who make commission in my industry..that number does not change for part time or flexible schedule. If you can sell just as much from your home or part time as someone who is full time or office based, then you make the same amount of commission. So I would say, just ask for the flexible hours and if you are pressed then give some of your base salary (5 percent at a time maybe) until you have a deal.
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  • Ok so my situation is different- govt salaried not sales. But here's how it all happened... Keep in mind this was a slow process over 3 years before I started really working from home full time last year. First there was a pilot program- i teleworked 1 day a pay period. They could pull the plug on it at any time... So could I. We have a signed telework agreement that spells out expectations. While pregnant with Sophie, they let me increase to once a week which I scheduled around dr's appointments. After my maternity leave, I really wanted to go part time. I was exhausted and the commute was killing me. They really didn't want me to cut back so they offered full time telework and I actually turned it down! At the time, DH was working near me and we carpooled so it would have made his commute unbearable. After he changed jobs last year and I was newly pregnant again... I began to rethink it. I had terrible morning sickness this time and coming into the office was more than I could bear on a daily basis. So I started teleworking 3 days a week. By the middle of my pregnancy, I had so many complications going on that I was considering a leave of absence but decided to ask if I could try full time telework. They agreed and much to my surprise, I LOVED it. I still went in the office once a week but it was based on my schedule.

    My productivity never faltered (in fact, if argue that it increased my productivity), but I was also very dedicated to proving that to my managers. I probably annoyed them with all my check ins and status reports but I was determined that this would be a success. That ended up being key... We built up a trust
    relationship. All this to say that it may have to be a gradual process so be patient while establishing that trust. Be diligent about workload tracking and time keeping. And ASK what they need from you to make them feel comfortable.






  • Thanks for the feedback. That's pretty much what I'm leaning towards, baby steps of change.
  • I agree that baby steps towards the change makes the most sense, especially if the company doesn't have a policy in place yet for this.  You are essential asking them to make a big change in some basic structuring and placing a lot of faith in you.  The company would be taking on the most risk because if you don't perform as well as you have been in the office, then they are on the losing end of the change.

    I'm working towards either part time or flexible hours myself now.  There are definitely times I need to be in the office, but most of my work could be done from home or during reduced hours at work.  I don't really want to loose my FT salary yet, so I'm aiming for a more flexible work schedule.  So far, my boss has been open to the flexibility I've needed (doctors appointments, sick kid, work while personal travel, etc...).  My review is this week and one of the major points we'll be discussing is my maternity leave as well as my schedule when I come back.  I'd love to have something more established in place for my return with a flex schedule.
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