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Hospitals/OBs near Franklin?

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I'm new to the area and planning a pregnancy, so I'm trying to figure out which doctor/hospital to get set up with now. I'm interested in any tips on both local hospitals and OBs! Any great - or terrible - experiences?

For hospitals, it looks like I can choose between MetroWest Medical in Framingham, Milford Regional, Newton-Wellesley, Beth Israel, and Brigham (based on my insurance). I'm not sure how to figure this out! I like the idea of a place that's closer (Framingham and Milford) but I'm also generally interested in making sure the experience will be as good as it can be and I know places like Brigham are really top-notch. 

This will be my second pregnancy and delivery and I'm fairly relaxed about things; I'd like a vaginal birth with epidural (PLEASE. I didn't have it last time and once was enough for me!). I had a midwife last time but am not tied to that for this time around. Just looking for a place where you felt like the treatment was good and reliable, the setting was welcoming and up-to-date, and all of the necessary services were provided. Any really strong recommendations or advice for a Franklin-area mom?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
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Re: Hospitals/OBs near Franklin?

  • I would recommend Newton Wellesley. I live closer to MWMC and Milford, but think the drive to Newton is worth it. Great reputation and facilities. I had a great experience with two pregnancies and deliveries and also some complications and miscarriages prior to my first successful pregnancy. They have both OBs and Midwives. I went with an OB at Welllesley Women's Care and a specialist at the Brigham ART center at NWH. The hospital has a service called Carefinder that you can call to find an OB or midwife that is accepting new patients. Best of luck.
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  • I go to Dedham Medical (offices in Norwood and Dedham -- both ~25 minutes from Franklin) and will be delivering at NWH. Both have been great experiences so far (due in 3 weeks!)
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  • I live in Franklin and used UMass memorial in Milford for my OB, her name is Hayley Marshall and I really liked her and the facility- everyone was really nice and the facility is modern and convenient, I got good care.

    I delivered at milford regional which had pros and cons. My labor was a bit difficult and not the best experience but it wasn't necessarily due to the facility- could have had the same experience anywhere? I'm a FTM so who knows.

    I ended up getting transferred after a few days to Brigham when LO was transferred to NICU at children's so...

    Pros at milford regional- very nice personable staff, smaller facility has a welcoming community feel. When I went to Brigham it felt very different, big city, super busy place, less personal but also I knew my LO and I were getting world class care.

    Also the whole transfer process was pretty tramatic so if I had known LO would need NICU I absolutely would have planned to deliver somewhere with a NICU from the start.

    All said, I'm not sure where I'll want to go my second time around.

    I suggest you tour milford, you'll get a good sense of it and go from there. In the end we are all lucky to have so many amazing options available in this area.
  • We loved MW in Framingham. They took excellent care of us.I had a number of problems during my pregnancy and the specialist was amazing. My OBs office was two buildings down. Dr. Jacobsen and his midwife Lorna were amazing!!

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  • I delivered at Norwood Hospital. My OB is Dr. Amna Khan. I really like her. Had all three of my kids there. My labor and deliveries had no complications and never needed a NICU, but anything could happen and you would need to be transferred. 
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