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Hi - I have been working on my registry list and do not know what type of bottles, nipples and how many to get. I am planning on breast feeding, using the Ameda Purely Yours pump. What bottles other than Ameda fit onto the pump? I would like to be able to pump into one bottle, store and add nipple for little cleaning as necessary. What about nipple sizes? I find all of this overwhelming! I want to make sure I register for the right bottles and have enough! Thanks!

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  • I agree that you don't want to load up on any one brand.  It's better to store milk in bags in you are planning to pump a lot - they take up way less space and are easier to defrost.
  • I used the thinkbaby bottles. I didn't fuss around with different kinds of bottles. When LO was 3 weeks old I went out for a nice long walk with the dog DH gave a bottle and that was that. We did one pumped bottle a day going forward and then all pumped during the day when I returned to work.
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  • Most bottles are standard size so any bottle should fit on the pump. I use dr brown bottles and they fit on my Madela pump.
  • If you plan on breastfeeding AND bottle feeding, I would recommend a bottle that's made to be similar to a boob. You can always pump into the bottles that go with your pump, then pour into a different bottle. And like pp said, you're baby might have a preference on bottle so when you register, I'd recommend adding a handful of single bottles from different brands just so you don't waste an entire pack of bottles if your baby doesn't like them. Also, I would suggest that you make sure feeding on the boob is well established before introducing a bottle or else you risk baby rejecting boob completely since sacking milk from a bottle is easier than boob.
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  • Of course, it's up to you what you want to do.

    My old pump is the Lansinoh Double Electric, very much like your Ameda.  I work full time but go home at lunch, so I pumped once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I liked to pump into the pump bottle but transfer into a Nuk bottle with stopper because those puppies NEVER leak.  Then I would rinse my pumping equipment and have 'fresh' equipment for my afternoon pumping. The Nuk bottle would be stored in my coolie pack.  Every evening when I got home I would pour the Nuk bottle into 4 or 8 oz Playtex drop in bottles (depending on how my my LO was drinking in a session). I did this for two reasons - #1 the drop in liners are the BEST to clean, as in you simply rinse and throw in the recycling bin with no cleaning needed and #2 my son would ONLY use the Playtex nipple and refused all other types of nipples.  As the other posters said, I didn't know my son would only use the Playtex until were were trying bottles before I returned to work.  In a given week, I would run a little ahead of what the baby ate, so I would end up with several bottles in my fridge.

    jmo but cleaning a playtex drop ins is much easier than washing 4+ bottles in a day. But the downside is that the Playtex drop ins bottles (or I think they're called Playtex nursers now), they leak if they are tipped over on their side, even with the lid securely on. This doesn't matter when they stand up in your fridge and they don't leak on the baby while it's eating either. But it means you can't pump into them and store it in a coolie bag at work - the coolie bag will fill with spilled milk.
  • A lot of moms have been telling me to get Tommie Tippie bottles. They are supposed to feel more natural for the baby. But I'm sure it all depends on our little ones and what they prefer.
  • I had a 33 wk old preemie who couldn't latch.  I used a Medela Pump in Style pump along with the Playtex nurser bottles.  Since we went through so many bottles due to bottle feeding, I liked this set up.  You can pump into the nurser liners or other bottles.  My new LO should be here in a few weeks.  I'm hoping to nurse him but plan to use the same set up for when I go back to work.  
  • There are two styles of bottles -- "standard" (which have a skinnier neck), and "wide."  You should be able to pump straight into a standard bottle, but you will need adapters to pump into a wide bottle.   The wide bottles have wider-based nipples and are supposed to replicate the breast better.  If you're going to be freezing milk, you probably just want to pump into a standard collection bottle and either freeze in that or freeze in milk storage bags, then transfer into a different bottle for feeding.  If you're going to feed the pumped milk to the baby right away, then it's probably easier to pump straight into whatever bottle you plan to use to feed.  
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  • Slow flow level 1 nipples!!! They have to be slow to be like the breast
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  • This time around I am going to try this new amazing system for BF and bottle feedings:

    I used to pump and transfer and freeze into different containers and this system seems to be the easiest to use with any pump. Plus, I love that it allows you to use any nipple if LO doesnt like theirs. My 1st was so picky i spent a ton on every bottle and nipple out there.

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  • I breastfed my daughter for her first year. From the age if about 2 months, when I started to introduce a bottle because I was going back to work at 3 months, up until she was 8 months she took a bottle, after 8 months she refused a bottle and when she turned 9 months I quit my job.
    During the first 8 months though, we went through 4 different bottles. Each one she would use for a month or two then refused any of it. We first used playtex(because that was the first pump I had), then nuk, then Tommie tippie, and then bought myself a new medela pump and we bought those bottles.

    My point is that each baby is different and each child is different during different stages of their life. I would probably wait befor you go buying a whole ton. Wait And breastfeed first so you can get your supply up, then depending when u go back to work, start with just one kind and just buy one or two to see how your baby does :). Good luck!!
  • I was unable to breast feed with my son as he wouldn't latch we used the playtex drop in bottles and loved them. Very easy clean up and they have different nipples for how fast you want the baby to be able to suck the milk out.
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