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Nursing bra: How soon can you buy?

I am 33 weeks right now and am wondering if it is too soon to buy my nursing bras. At what point have your breasts grown as big as they will be? Also, do you have a brand that you recommend?

Re: Nursing bra: How soon can you buy?

  • I wore the sleep type bras until about 5 weeks, then bought bras with cups. I recommend a fitting in a specialty store or upscale department store, especially if you buy underwire (an improper fit can lead to clogged ducts with underwire).
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  • I ordered mine at 38 weeks because my ladies were out of control lol. I loved my bras from Bravado , they explain online how to guess your size, and their bras stretch so they work for a range of sizes which was super nice when my milk came in. They also have a great return/exchange program, so if you buy it and try it on and need a different size it's no biggie ( just don't wash it or take the tags off!). 
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  • I recommend starting with nursing tanks and nursing sleep bras or anything that has a SML tag vs a rib cage/cup size. I have no idea how big I was at my biggest but I would guess at least 1-2 cup sizes more than what I'm at now. I didn't settle down to the size I was at the end of my pregnancy until about 3-4 months.
    This! And in any case, the first few weeks it's almost a waste of time to put a top on at all.
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  • I made the mistake of buying a bra when I was about 6wk pp - I figure my supply had regulated a bit at that point, and now it's huge.  My boobs are definitely bigger than they were during pregnancy (maybe a cup size?), but they didn't seem to settle down until like some PPs have said, about 4 months pp.  I'd definitely go with the S/M/L tagged bras for the first couple months.  I also have relatively small boobs though, so I can get away with having less than perfect support.
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  • Yup, sleep bras and nursing tanks first.  I was a 36B before and during pregnancy, then got a bravado at 5 weeks PP and measured 36D.  Then I dropped to a 34C around 6 months PP.  Everyone has a different experience, but bras are expensive and you could easily waste a lot of money!
  • Thank you everyone!
  • eh, I bought the Bravado bra a few weeks post-partem, but I think it is flexible/adjustable enough to have purchased while PG and still fit while nursing.  Nursing boobs fluctuate a lot in size depending on when LO last ate, so I found they need to have some give in them anyway.

    while PG, my band size was bigger and boobs slightly smaller than they were while nursing, but not a crazy amount different, though I suppose everyone is different.


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