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Hospital Affiliation?

I'm looking for a new gynocologist since I'm not so impressed with the one I've been going to, nor was I impressed with their obstectrics unit.  At this point I can say that we're one and done, so I only need a gyno and don't have to worry about a delivery hospital.  That being said, how important do you think a hospital affiliation is for a doctor?  Thanks!
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Re: Hospital Affiliation?

  • @belladonna11307 I think it's super important. If something goes wrong and you need to get admitted or have to have a procedure you need to like te whole practice because you'll likely be dealing with some of the other doctors on the team. Also something to think about is if the hospital is a teaching hospital (you will have residents participate in your care during your hospital admission.) on that note, A LOT of philadelphia area hospitals are teaching hospitals.
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  • Thanks guys!  I had a badish experience when I delivered DD.  My OB has you see a PA in the beginning of your pregnancy (unless there are issues) and didn't start scheduling me with the doctors until late (33 weekish) into my pregnancy.   Of course DD shows up early and the doctor on call was the ONE doctor in the practice who I hadn't met.  On top of that the resident on the floor pretty much delivered her (and was awesome, I trusted her in the first ten minutes of meeting her!).  So that kind of made me question how important a hospital affiliation is.  I feel like the hospital staff did a great job and my doc was ok.
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