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We've just moved dd to her own room (she slept in her cot in our room-until now). It's going horribly! She's just over 9 months old, and still doesn't self settle in her cot. I'm lost! Any tips from people who've been through the same thing?

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  • Just keep going.

    Spend time in her room during the day so she's used to it
  • Sorry I'm no help. My kids started sleeping in their rooms since we came home from the hospital.
    Just wanted to wish you good luck!!
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  • I had to just start letting her cry it out , after a couple of days she was able to go down without a problem. I wouldn't let her cry it out for long tho I started with just a couple of minutes then I would go in and check on her , but sometimes that would make it worse so Id tell myself I'd wait 10-20 minutes and if she wasnt sleeping by then, then I would go in and comfort her, and luckily before it hit the 20 minute mark she passed out! The day after that she cried for a shorter period of time and then passed out and now she doesnt even cry she LOVES to be put to bed and she falls asleep almost immediately.  Hope this helps !

  • That's sounds like a dream!!! When you went back in did you pick her up or try to soothe her in the cot... And do you wait for her to stop crying before you leave again? I hate to say I think we're eventually going to cave and do cry it out but I'm so scared I do I wrong and cause more trouble?!
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