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I am off work for awhile. Everyone who used to come over, stopped! Later found out that either they don't want to hear anything about the baby or the pregnancy, or they are scared if they are around me, they'll get pregnant. ... so, home alone an awful lot...very lonely, scared it'll cause postpartum stress.

Re: Abandoned

  • Oh, and I'm only 15 weeks prego today...still have a very long time to go.
  • Maybe try joining a few mother groups? Le Leche league, baby wearing, etc.
  • Don't worry Hun, those folks that disappear when you're pregnant ain't your real friends anyway. You've got plenty of time to just think about you and baby, get your ducks in a row. Take it as a good thing to know who your real friends are, because you don't want the half ass fair weather ones around you and baby angel anyway. :) I've went thru the same thing, it hurt at first but then it was like good riddance and now I'm at the end. If you need a fellow okie to talk to just message me.
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