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Hi everyone!

I've been a part of December '13 since April. My daughter, Cecelia was born on NYE, 8lb 8oz. I am a Health and P.E. Teacher in PA.

Anyway, I have Celiac Disease, along with most of my family. (Immediate and extended) My husband has Crohn's, along with a few other family members. DH's cousins son has a milk and egg allergy as well. DH, our siblings and I were on soy formula due to a milk intolerance as babies.

I have been gfree my whole pregnancy with the exception of 2 accidental 'glutened'. Because of it, my baby was active for almost 72 hours, nonstop, prenatal. We are EBF with 1 bottle of BM per day. By the time she was 2 weeks, she was in so much pain, green poop and projectile vomiting. I cut out dairy and it took the edge off within days. After 2 weeks dairy free, I tried some yogurt and her symptoms returned almost immediately. Definitely milk intollerant! I did this myself because the Pedi said that my diet doesn't effect her. (Which is total BS. I'm living proof of diets effects on the body. )

If you've stuck through the above paragraphs, thanks! I hope to gain some knowledge and support through this board. I know it's tough cutting major food groups out of diets. Hopefully, I can offer some insight since gluten is hidden in many things. My grammar is terrible and I probably won't have time to check this post until her 1am feeding. (Apologies) I'm also mobile. Here's a pic of my little Chica for your time!

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  • Where are you in PA? We are in montco. I have a 18 month old with Ana allergies along with FPIES and MSPI that we have controlled entirely with diet. (I still BF at 18 months) we see Dr Pawlowski at chop KOP and I can't recommend him enough along with MiMi Girten in nutrition. If you're close by I'll send you my details if you want to chat!
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