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What do you and SO call sex?

Bumping uglies?
horizontal tango?
the dirty?
Making love?  (awwwwww barf)
hanky panky?

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Re: What do you and SO call sex?

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  • Bang!

    not really, lol. Just sex
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  • Bang!
    Baby Chugging born 12.28.13
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  • We usually say do you want to do it? Mature, right? When we talk about it, we say sex.

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  • DH calls it "snuggle time" or asks if I want to "make out".  
    I just say "want to have sex?"
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  • Ours is more "hey. You wanna...?"
  • Sex or let's do it. I read the title out loud and dh started naming of names... riding the meat pole was one. Lol
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  • Usually starts with one of us saying "f**k me" or "I want to f**k you". Romantic huh?
  • Usually starts with one of us saying "f**k me" or "I want to f**k you". Romantic huh?

    Ha ha I was just going to type the same thing. Classy I know!!!

  • I used to be. ::sigh:: once I stop bleeding.
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  • Sexy time when its just us. N.A.T. when we are in front of others (naked alone time) we started saying that in collage and we still say it in front of friends. 

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  • Boom boom. I don't remember when that started but it is what it is.
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  • "Is the bed warmed up?" Or "you wanna (insert winking/eyebrow lifting here)"

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  • "You want to do it?"

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  • It almost always starts with H asking for a bj. My favorite line of his is, "Hey, this d*** isn't going to suck itself." Charming, don't you think? 
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  • Usually we refer to it as "doing it" or "having sex"...super original and creative, I know...or sometimes DH will ask if I want to "make love" and I can't stand that, don't know why. Or he'll ask if I want to "get naked"...like I said, we're just SO creative...or not...lol
  • It usually starts with me coming out of the shower and saying "do you want to do me or should I put clothes on?"

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    But I might start asking him for the sex and see what he says. I like it.

  • I love all of the responses! Definitely laughing out loud over here! Ours usually involves the F word as well.

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  • H typically says "can I have boobie time?" But if I'm insinuating I usually just say "okay so you're gonna f*ck me now or no?"
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  • Horizontal hugs.

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  • DH doesn't know how to use his words, he just comes up behind me and pulls my pants down. When he's feeling more vocal, he'll just come up and ask for "blow job?". He's a romantic.

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  • Depends on the mood usually it's "do you want to do some stuff?" But if it's more urgent it's some form of fucking, occasionally I will offer a quickie too.
  • Picture this...typical Sunday evening after showering, shaving and lotioning myself up to smell pretty, I go to SO and say, "I just shaved so are we gonna do I tonight or what?" How romantical! After 18 years together there's no need for sexy lingerie or coercing. He just doesn't buy it. Lol
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  • Banging or romping.

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  • I go to bed before DH so it's usually something like "are your pants off yet?" when he comes up to bed.

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  • Usually I just have to take my top off. He's easy like that (so am I) :D Otherwise we just say wanna have sex?

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  • I'm pretty sure my husband has never asked me for sex. He will hint that he wants it with physical cues (more touching, hugging, kissing, and deep eye looking than normal), but he's pretty proper and shy about the whole thing, and never talks about sex. 

    If I want it and he's not giving me any cues, I just say "do we have time for special snuggles?" 

    Hahaha, ugh. We're so prude. 
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  • Chicken n banging, thanks to one of his favorite tv shows that we've now watched so much I have it memorized. In the early days I'd text him at work and ask if he wanted chicken for dinner, implying that banging would follow. ...I miss those days!

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  • Bend over or wanna jump on it lol
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  • "Let's do it tonight." <--Used to say that while making dinner

    A few times to make him laugh I've taken the Bridesmaids line and said, "After this glass of wine I'm gonna climb you like a tree."

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