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Hi everyone! After browsing these boards for about a month I've decided to finally post myself. I'm 32 and my husband is 33. My husband and I have never tried to prevent a pregnancy in 6 years. We have tried for a year using ovulation kits and after all this time decided we definitely needed to see a fertility specialist. So far I have had an HSG that was normal. My husband had a SA which read only 10,000 sperm which was really discouraging. We went to see a reproductive urologist that put him on clomid. I'm glad I found this board and would really like to hear any advice...or just to find some support. Thanks...

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  • Sorry you find yourself here, but welcome to the board! The ladies here are all very supportive, so feel free to ask any questions and vent any frustrations.
    TTC since 4/2012
    Started testing 5/2013: all clear, official diagnosis is "unexplained infertility"
    7/2013: first round of Clomid + TI
    8/2013: more bloodwork, low progesterone, low estradiol
    9,10,11,12/2013: TI + hcg injections 3,5,7,9DPO
    1/2014: Clomid + hcg trigger + TI
    2/2014: Clomid + hcg trigger + TI, natural cycle due to cyst
    3/2014: Clomid + hcg trigger + IUI #1
    4/2014: hcg trigger + IUI #1.2
    5,6/2014: on a mental/emotional health break
    7/2014: hcg trigger + IUI #1.3
    8/2014: first succesful IUI! (but no bfp)
    9/2014: IUI #2
    10/2014: hcg + IUI #3
    11/2014: SHG (fibroid not an issue)
    12/2014: Clomid + hcg + IUI #4
    1/2015: Clomid + hcg + Estrace + IUI #5

  • Welcome! I hope the clomid does the trick!

    Me: 32  DH: 33  Married: March 2004

    July 2006: started TTC
    2008: HSG (normal), couple rounds of clomid through gyno

    2008 - 2010: dragging my feet out of fear and procrastination
    October 2010: first consultation with RE, dx PCOS and fibroids (DH slightly low count/motility)
    Oct. 2010 - Dec. 2012:  In DENIAL! avoided the issue because I was scared of surgery
    January 2013: returned to RE, fibroids grew significantly
    February 2013: second HSG, fibroids pushed on tubes which blocked them somewhat
    March 2013: MRI to determine what type of surgery may be necessary
    July 29, 2013: fibroids (5) removed via robotic laparascopy
    August 2013 - Nov 2013 : benched due to recent surgery

    IUI #1, Dec. 24, 2013, BFN 
    IUI #2, Jan. 25, 2014, BFN
    IUI #3, Feb. 25, 2014  BFN
    IUI #4 canceled due to lack of response to letrozole
    IUI #4.1 April 28, 2014, BFN
    May 16, 2014: wtf consult, start prepping for IVF in June and add injects for one last IUI in the meantime
    IUI #5 started letrozole and bravelle but canceled after HSG led to new diagnosis
    May 21, 2014: third HSG, tubes blocked, one at the beginning, one hydrosalpinx??
    June 11, 2014: consult, approved to move on to IVF because the hydro is not completely blocked therefore allowing fluid to move through slowly rather than backwards
    IVF #1 August 8, 2014 - 3dt of 2 embryos, BFN
    September 17, 2014 - 4th HSG, the right tube is very patent (open!!) dye went straight through this time. Weird!
    October 2, 2014 - started metformin treatment
    November 14, 2014 - blood work, brought A1C down from 5.8 to 5.5
    November 26, 2014 - RE finally back from vaca and reviewed my chart, no more IVFs for rest of calendar year
    December 1, 2014 - Right after Thanksgiving, I called a new clinic and got in right away! Plan for IVF
    December 17, 2014 - ER! 29 retrieved (!!), 16 mature, all 16 fertilized (ICSI)
    IVF #2 December 20, 2014 - 3dt of 3 embryos, BFN

    We are done with treatment unsuccessfully. :(

    PAIF/SAIF/All Welcome!

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  • Welcome! I hope your stay is short :)

    4 Losses (2003, 2008, Apr 2012, & Oct 2012)
    All RPL and IF testing with multiple REs = normal

    5 IUIs = BFN

    All AL are welcome
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  • Welcome!  Although no one wants to be here, it's a great place to be once you are!  Good luck.

    Me 36 with endometriosis, PCOS, fibroid and ovulation issues, DH 40
    TTC #1 since 04/12, BFP 10/12. Missed MC/D&C at 10 weeks 11/12
    TTC #2 since 12/12
    6 clomid cycles since 7/13, all BFN
    IUI #1 (2 b2b) with clomid and trigger shot on 1/20/2014 BFN
    IUI #2 with arimidex and trigger, B2B IUI's 2/24 and 2/25, BFN
    IUI #3 with menopur injections and trigger, IUI 3/23, BFN
    7 month break

    Fibroid surgery 10/14

    IVF cycle 1 beginning Nov. 1st...cancelled due to follicle issues.  On hold for Dec. due to holidays.

    IVF cycle 1.2- Gonal F (100) as of 1/12

  • Welcome! We are also dealing with MFI. My husband is taking Anastrazole (sort of like Clomid) and he also takes daily supplements of CoQ10 and L-Carnitine as recommended by his urologist. At just 2 weeks short of the 3 month mark, his numbers really improved. We are hoping that they just keep getting better. FX the same thing happens for you!

    ********Siggy/Ticker Warning***********

    Me (35) no known issues DH (37) MFI. TTC 21 months (24 cycles)
    Dx MFI with low to normal count, low motility, morphology 3%
    HSG normal, ultrasound and labs on me all normal. 

    1 cycle of Clomid 50mg and TI, unmonitored by OBGYN= BFN
    1 cycle of Clomid 50mg and IUI, unmonitored by OBGYN= BFN
    Started seeing an RE!!
    2 more cycles of clomid 50mg (great response), with IUI and Pregnyl trigger (4.8-8 mil good ones after wash) = all BFN
    1 cycle of clomid 50mg (3-7) followed by Follistim 75iu (7-11) + IUI = BFN
    December 2013 DH saw urologist and is taking Anastrozole, CoQ10, and L-Carnitine
    IUI #5 natural cycle (needed a med break) = BFN
    IUI #6 Follistim 75iu (CD3-10) + Pregnyl (CD11) + IUI (final count after wash 300K) = BFN
    IUI #7 Follistim 75iu (CD3-9) + Pregnyl (CD11) + IUI on 2/20 (post wash count 12.5 million)= BFN
    IUI cancelled (DH OOT) Clomid 50mg (CD3-7) 1 follicle +(not well timed) TI = BFN
    IUI #8 and last one!! Clomid 100mg (CD3-7) +OPK before US + IUI 4/17 (post wash 8.5 mil)= BFN

    Pre-IVF testing complete! SHG great and measurements taken! Labs for infectious diseases completed, FSH (5.4), TSH (1.6), Prolactin (11), AMH (2.6), Estradiol (40).

    Started BCP 5/29 and Lupron 6/11 prep for IVF #1! Started follistim 225u/day on 6/28. Monitoring on 7/2 >15 follicles measuring 11-14, E2 758. Monitoring on 7/5 all ready to go!! Great follicle sizes and lining is at 9. Tigger 7/5, ER 7/7 16R 9M 3F. Stimmed too fast in just 7 days. 7/10 3dt of 2 8-cell grade 2 & 4. 7/14 P4 >60.
    Holy crap BFP!!!
    Beta #1 (14dpo) 7/21 112 Beta #2 (16dpo) 7/23 286 a Beta #3 (18dpo) 7/25 761 Beta #4 (21dpo) 2631!!! Hold on tight little embies!!  First Ultrasound 8/7- 1 perfect little bean with a beating heart 117bpm!! EDD 3/30.
    Second ultrasound 9/2 Little bean measuring a few days ahead with a heart rate of 161!

    PAIF/SAIF/All Welcome!


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  • Welcome. Sorry you find yourself here, but hopefully your stay will be short and sweet!

    *****Siggy Warning*****

    Toby        image

    Me:28 DH:28
    TTC #1 since Nov '12
    DX: Non-IR PCOS & Hypothyroidism 
    BFP: 11/7/13 EDD: 7/18/14 Ectopic Tubal Surgery 12/18 
    2/5 HSG all clear!
    Femara 5mg + Trigger + IUI #1- 5 = BFN
    IVF #1 - 17R 15M 11F - Transferred 1 beautiful hatching blast on 9/26    4 Frosties
    Beta (10dp5dt) = 166  Beta #2 (12dp5dt) = 284  Beta #3 (14dp5dt) = 471  Beta #4 (18dp5dt) = 2032
    EDD: 6/14/15
    ~All are welcome~

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  • Welcome !
    Married July 2 2011
    Not trying Not preventing since 2011
    Me: Ovulate on my own (but poorly) DH: Low count and poor motility
    Oct 2013 Uterine polyp removed
    Feb 2014 First round Ferama, trigger and IUI...BFN
    March 2014 Second round Ferama, trigger and iui
    Trying to Conceive Ticker
  • Welcome to 3T. MFI is definitely challenging because it's something we ladies cannot control. Hopefully the Clomid will work wonders for your husband!
  • My fingers are crossed for you and your husband! 
    TTC #1 since 3/2013 / 13 cycles in
    Me: 32 / DH: 36 (Low counts, varicocele)                                       
    1/2014 - 50 mg Clomid / Ovulated before IUI could be performed = BFN 2/2014
    2/2014 - 5 mg Femara + Menopur + Ovidrel + IUI =  Blood test 14dpo confirmed BFP 3/17/14

  • Thank you everyone! I'm hoping the Clomid works as well, at least enough to make IUI an option. We have an appointment again with the urologist in a few weeks and we'll see then how he is responding to the clomid. Fingers crossed. Thanks again ladies :)
  • Welcome! DH and I have been TTC for quite some time as well. I have been off BC for 5 years and we haven't been preventing either. I'm 29 and he's 32.

    We have our first appointments next month, me with RE and him with a urologist. I'm nervous, but ready to get the ball rolling!


    Good luck!

  • Welcome, I am new too. Hopefully we can both move on to the pregnancy boards sooner rather than later!
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  • Welcome to 3t.

    DH= burn vic, abn sa MFI|| ME= PCOS, Sarcoidosis, Hypohyroidism HSG-OK
    tried naturally 2011 & 2012-
    TTC with nurse practitioner 2013
    2 clomid cycles- both bfn, started seeing RE 2013 
    MARCH-BFP (beta1;104-beta2;302)-bc of hsg
    [[all welcome !!!!!!!!!!!! ]]
  • Welcome and good luck!
    TTC 06/12
    Me- 27 Unexplained Infertility, DH- 29 Poor Morphology
    09/12- Clomid + TI = BFN
    11/12- DH had varicocele. No change. 
    06/13 IUI Cancelled due to premature ovulation. 
    08/13 IUI #1 -Clomid + HCG = BFN
    09/13 IUI # 2 - Clomid + HCG = BFN
    11/13 IUI #3 - Menopur + HCG = BFN
    2/14 IUI #4- Menopur + HCG = BFN
    Moving on to IVF. 1st Cycle starting June 2014

    photo ceb87159-9041-4c7e-9945-2c41309a9e8c.jpg
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  • Sorry for the frustratin news. I'm also pretty new here, but these ladies are really sweet and supportive. I hope you find the answers you're looking for.
  • Welcome! I'm sorry that you find yourself here but this is a great community. Hope your stay on this board is short and sweet.
    Me: 37 DH: 41
    Dx: Endometriosis
    TTC May 2012
    Jan 2014 IUI#1: BFN
    Feb 2014 IUI #2: BFP
    Beta #1: 403
    First u/s: 3/14 It is TWINS!!
    EDD: 11/12/2014 ~ Boys x2
    ~~ All welcomed ~~

  • Just wanted to say welcome and good luck. Although nobody wants to have trouble TTC, this board is filled with lots of wonderful ladies giving great advice. 
    [Spoiler]Me:32 DH:32
    Dx: PCOS - on metformin
    DS born 11/2014
    TTC #2
    5 failed IUIs
    1 IUI ending in mc & d&c at 9.5w - girl with trisomy 16
    Pursuing IVF with CCRM - ODWU done - IVF set for May-June
    Surprise BFP 3/5 - Rainbow baby due 11/9/18 - Team Green[/spoiler]

  • Welcome, I hope your stay is short.
    10/2013 - Initial consult. Started levothyroxine - tsh 2.92
    HSG- showed graying in one spot/Saline Sono- showed 5mm polyp
    DH SA -  abnormal -  36%motility on both SA's (count and morph ok on SA1, a little off SA2)
    1/10/14 - Hysteroscopy to remove 5mm polyp
    1/12/14- Medicated Cycle 1: 50mg Clomid + Ovidrel + TI = BFN
    2/15/14 - Medicated Cycle 2: 100mg Clomid + Ovidrel + TI = BFN
    3/18/14 - IUI Cycle 1: 150mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI = BFN
    Upped Levothyroxine to 50mg - tested at 2.62
    4/17/14 - IUI Cycle 2: 150mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI = BFN
    6/21/14: IUI Cycle 3: 150mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI

    *All are welcome*

  • Sorry that you have to be here, but welcome to 3T! Hope your stay is short and sweet. *Baby Dust* to you!
    ***Trigger Warning: Living and loss mentioned***

    First TTC Journey: 

    - Failed attempts at clomid with OB
    - HSG with OB, nothing found
    - Met with RE. Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy done on 08/04/2014. Results: Hymenal stenosis, minimal endometriosis, and PCOS
    BFP #1: 11/26/2014, IT'S A BOY!
  • I'm sorry that you find yourself here but, as others have noted, it is a great group of people. Welcome, and I hope your stay is short.
    ME: 34, Atypical PCOS (lean, no O without meds) + unexplained; DH: 33, mildly low motility
    09/2012: Start TTC after stopping NuvaRing.  No cycles seemed to occur.
    01/2013 - 05/2013: Tried Provera to "jumpstart" cycles. No luck.
    12/2013- 01/2014: Clomid 50mg - no big follies, stepped to 100mg; One mature follie, Ovidrel (HCG trigger), IUI #1 completed - BFN
    02/2014: Clomid 100mg; One mature follie, Ovidrel trigger, IUI #2 completed, Crinone - BFN
    03/2014: Clomid 100mg -
    no big follies on 1st round, 2nd round prescribed; One mature follie, Ovidrel, IUI #3 completed, Crinone - BFN
    04/2014-05/2014: Letrozole 5mg + Ovidrel HG to prep for IUI #4
    switched to TI, Crinone - BFN

    05/2014-06/2014: Letrozole 5mg; one mature follie,
    Ovidrel, IUI #4.1 completed, Crinone - BFN
    07/2014-08/2014: Letrozole 5mg; one mature follie,
    Ovidrel, IUI #5 completed, Crinone - BFN
    09/2014-10/2014: IVF Prep
    - Insurance requires IUI #6;
    Letrozole 5mg - no big follies 1st round, 2nd round prescribed; IUI #6, Crinone - BFN
    11/2014: "Break" - Letrozole 5mg to cycle before prepping for IVF - successfully O'ed, but BFN

    12/2014: Extending 'break' one more Letrozole-only TI cycle for mental health break - BFN

    02/2015: Prep for IVF - BCP then Gonal-F, Ganirelex, Novarel trigger;  ER scheduled 2/11!
    PAIF/SAIF Welcome.
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  • Welcome!  Sorry you're hear but this group of ladies is a blessing.  Hope your stay is short.
    Me:36 DH:40
    Married since May, 2012; TTC since September, 2012
    DX: Blocked Fallopian Tube, Hashimoto's
    March 2014 - Clomid, Trigger, TI = BFN, April 2014 - Clomid, Trigger, TI = BFN, May 2014 - Clomid, estrogen, trigger, IUI = BFN, June & July 2014 - Natural cycles = BFN, August 2014 - Femara, estrogen, trigger, IUI = BFN, September 2014 - Femara, estrogen, trigger, IUI = BFN
    Prepping for IVF in with ER/ET slated for early February

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