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Trouble TTC

~*~3T Grad Check In~*~

Happy Thursday, grads!

Come in and tell us how you are doing. As always we love to see pics of babies, bumps, nurseries, etc.

**************SIGGY WARNING**************


Me 32 :: DH 41

 TTC since November, 2011

DH's SA : Excellent

Lap and Hysteroscopy June 2012

DX: PCOS, Stage III Endo, slight Adenomyosis, blocked tube, and probable LPD

Treatments:  6 Months Lupron Depot injections; 1500 mg metformin; 3 cycles of Clomid + TI = BFN

3 endometrial biopsies all were "out of phase" 

September - December, 2013:  Break to lose weight and get healthy

40 lb weight loss but still not ovulating "in phase"  

February - March 2014: bcps + follistim + trigger + TI = BFP

 Beta #1 (12dpo): 30; Beta #2 (18dpo): 500; Beta #3 (25dpo): 7,000!!! 

1st u/s 4/16: One beautiful hb at 144 bmp 

2nd u/s 4/29: hb at 166 bmp.  Graduated from RE!!


Baby girl arrived on Thanksgiving day weighing 7lbs 6oz and measuring 20 inches


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Re: ~*~3T Grad Check In~*~

  • @letsgobowlingx glad you're alright!

    Me 33, DH 37 -- TTC since Jan'12 -- Low AMH (0.78) & endo, SA w/ low motility
    IUI's 1-3 = BFN, IVF converted to IUI 4/13 = BFN
    IVF 1.2: 8R 6M 4F -- 2 blastocysts frozen, FET 8/15 = BFP!!
    Beta #s = 445;1,098; 9,545  -- EDD 5/2 -- Team Pink!
    Camila Josephine arrived 4/30 :)
    [Deleted User]
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  • @letsgobowlingx, I am in love with your bump progression shot!  How did you do it?  I'm assuming there is a trick as to where to have lighting but I'd love to know for sure, for when my time comes!
  • @essjaycee - Thanks! Yes, it's all about the lighting. DH is a construction worker so we have a spotlight on the floor behind me. You can use any light source really Like if you wanted to stand in front of a window. The light was easier for us because we could do it any time of day/night that way. I also hung a sheer curtain too just to give it more of a background. Once the picture is taken I just mess around with the brightness/contrast. I hope that helps! :)
    That is so neat!  Thanks so much.
  • I love the bump progression too. Thanks for the trick!

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