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Soy Formula Issues

Hi All! My DS has had diarrhea for almost a full week; he's 5 months old and not eating much of any solids yet. I am wondering if it could have something to do with soy formula as he had a rough time in the beginning finding a formula that agreed with him and I've heard so many negative things about soy, especially non-organic soy. Though, he's been on soy for about 3 months now without issues. The doc suggested Nutramigen but so far he won't take a bottle of it and he's refusing all solid baby food. This is somewhat reminding me of when my first DS was sick as a result of a beetle contamination of Similac products back in 2010, it doesn't seem like a sickness but rather something to do with what I'm feeding him. Anyone had these issues?

Re: Soy Formula Issues

  • He could be teething, that can sometimes cause diarrhea. We have never tried soy formula, but maybe you could try the similac alimentum, that is hat we are on and it works for us. Really gross about the beetle contamination.
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  • Which soy formula are you using? We used the Earth's best brand (I ordered it from Amazon) and had great results.
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  • Hit post too soon.......have you called your pedi? Any other signs of sickness (fever, congestion, rash)?
  • I would be hesitant to switch/blame formula if he's been on soy for 3 months with no issues. Could LO have an illness? Or like PP said my LO's always had diarrhea combined with a low fever with teething. And you aren't feeding anything else besides formula? (No juice, water, etc?) 
  • Nutramigin will most likely give him straight diarrhea anyway. It is notorious for that because it is so broken down.
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