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Repeat c-section and scar

So I had my 2nd c-section back on December 23rd. My first I went into labor naturally and ended up having a c-section. I had a c-section scheduled for my 2nd but again went into labor naturally (water broke after having contractions throughout the day) about a week and a half early.

Well I had my 4 week visit 5 weeks ago and he said everything looked great. Well now that I'm 9 weeks pp the swelling for the most part has gone down and no pain at all. But I did notice that there is a hard lump on the right side. It's not too big but you can definitely notice it and it's firmer than anywhere else around my incision and above that the skin is kind of still swollen if that makes since. Well not swollen but floppy/hanging. I really don't know how to explain it but the left side isn't hanging or flappy at all. Looks weird but yeah.

I think I might call my OB just in case but it doesn't hurt at all and I don't have a fever and never have since I had DS. So do you think this is just scar tissue or what? I know on that part of the incision part of the stitch had started to come out a bit if that makes any difference. Do you think the stitches on that side just didn't dissolve all the way yet or something? I have no idea lol. It doesn't bother me just wondering why it's harder than the rest of the incision area.

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  • I think this is fairly common and will improve over time. But I agree about calling your doc to be sure.






  • It's where the stitching was done inside its normal
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  • I had that too for a while it was uneven and noticeable to anyone who knew me. It went away but it back with the bloat from this pregnancy :-S
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  • Thanks! It's been a while since my 1st and I don't remember it ever being like that so I wasn't completely sure lol.
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