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Nausea after Clomid?

I finished my first round of Clomid (50 mg) earlier this month and the side effects weren't too bad for me, just a little moodiness and one hot flash while sleeping. I took it CD 3-7, U/S on day 12 showed follies only at 7 so the doc said it was a no go for this month. Then, about day 14 I started having nausea on and off for the past couple days. I also feel bloated and tired. It just seems weird to me because I felt ok on the clomid and shortly after, but feel icky a week after finishing it. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not sure if I should blame it on the clomid or it's just bad timing for a stomach bug.
Me: 28 DH:29 Nov 2012- started TTC Jan 2014- HSG normal, SA normal, sono dx PCOS Feb 2014- started 1st cycle monitored Clomid

Re: Nausea after Clomid?

  • I just finished my first cycle of 50mg clomid and I had cramping and bloating but no real nausea. The cramping got pretty bad right before AF but that was about it.
    Me- 27 w/PCOS     DH - 28
    TTC since December 2012 
    BFP 6/29/2013 - EDD 3/16/14 - MMC 9/5/2013
    Diagnosed with PCOS and taking metformin 750 mg  twice a day
    April 2014 -  - 1st ICI Cycle - BFP 5/15/14 EDD: 1/20/15
    A/S 8-22-14 - Its a BOY!!
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  • no nausea but id call you dr. 

    DH= burn vic, abn sa MFI|| ME= PCOS, Sarcoidosis, Hypohyroidism HSG-OK
    tried naturally 2011 & 2012-
    TTC with nurse practitioner 2013
    2 clomid cycles- both bfn, started seeing RE 2013 
    MARCH-BFP (beta1;104-beta2;302)-bc of hsg
    [[all welcome !!!!!!!!!!!! ]]
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  • I had nausea with my first 2 cycles of clomid but it was usually only a couple hours after I took the pill.

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    Me (35) no known issues DH (37) MFI. TTC 21 months (24 cycles)
    Dx MFI with low to normal count, low motility, morphology 3%
    HSG normal, ultrasound and labs on me all normal. 

    1 cycle of Clomid 50mg and TI, unmonitored by OBGYN= BFN
    1 cycle of Clomid 50mg and IUI, unmonitored by OBGYN= BFN
    Started seeing an RE!!
    2 more cycles of clomid 50mg (great response), with IUI and Pregnyl trigger (4.8-8 mil good ones after wash) = all BFN
    1 cycle of clomid 50mg (3-7) followed by Follistim 75iu (7-11) + IUI = BFN
    December 2013 DH saw urologist and is taking Anastrozole, CoQ10, and L-Carnitine
    IUI #5 natural cycle (needed a med break) = BFN
    IUI #6 Follistim 75iu (CD3-10) + Pregnyl (CD11) + IUI (final count after wash 300K) = BFN
    IUI #7 Follistim 75iu (CD3-9) + Pregnyl (CD11) + IUI on 2/20 (post wash count 12.5 million)= BFN
    IUI cancelled (DH OOT) Clomid 50mg (CD3-7) 1 follicle +(not well timed) TI = BFN
    IUI #8 and last one!! Clomid 100mg (CD3-7) +OPK before US + IUI 4/17 (post wash 8.5 mil)= BFN

    Pre-IVF testing complete! SHG great and measurements taken! Labs for infectious diseases completed, FSH (5.4), TSH (1.6), Prolactin (11), AMH (2.6), Estradiol (40).

    Started BCP 5/29 and Lupron 6/11 prep for IVF #1! Started follistim 225u/day on 6/28. Monitoring on 7/2 >15 follicles measuring 11-14, E2 758. Monitoring on 7/5 all ready to go!! Great follicle sizes and lining is at 9. Tigger 7/5, ER 7/7 16R 9M 3F. Stimmed too fast in just 7 days. 7/10 3dt of 2 8-cell grade 2 & 4. 7/14 P4 >60.
    Holy crap BFP!!!
    Beta #1 (14dpo) 7/21 112 Beta #2 (16dpo) 7/23 286 a Beta #3 (18dpo) 7/25 761 Beta #4 (21dpo) 2631!!! Hold on tight little embies!!  First Ultrasound 8/7- 1 perfect little bean with a beating heart 117bpm!! EDD 3/30.
    Second ultrasound 9/2 Little bean measuring a few days ahead with a heart rate of 161!

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  • I can't remember exactly when I had side effects after taking clomid, but I remember that I was nauseous. I also had horrible hot flashes, was an emotional mess, and was terrible to my husband.
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