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Hi all, I'm 31 weeks now and baby is breech. Midwife doesn't think it will turn as I have a small pelvis and baby is comfty as it is. She will be sending me for a scan at 36 weeks. If I am still breech my options will be to have baby turned which she doesn't think will work as I have strong stomouch muscles or have an elected c section.. If this is the case when will they book me in? As I'm worried what If I go into labour?

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  • You still have plenty of time for baby to turn!  Check out and consider a chiro who is experienced in the Webster technique.

    Honestly, I'd be a bit put off by such a negative attitude from a provider.
  • Yeah, it's really early to be worried about breech. I'm a little wth at your midwife.
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  • I'm not liking your midwife..... Don't worry yet, baby has plenty if room and plenty if time.

  • She wasn't worried she was just telling me the possibilities. And my with my mum having to have 2 c sections with me an my brother because of the same reason it's a possibility. We will see when I hve a scan at 36 weeks. All I was wondering was if I am to be booked in for one do they do it on due date or before?
  • The responses are helpful to me as well as I am currently 36w3d and I had an u/s done yesterday that revealed LO is breech. I'm hoping to go all natural so an unplanned c-section would really put a damper on things. As long as my baby boy's healthy, I hope I can deliver vaginally!!!
  • I had the same problem, and in addition to what's been suggested already I would try moxibustion. My midwife suggested the treatment and it definitely helped my LO turn.
  • I think they will probably schedule you to come in between 39 &40 weeks if you end up needing a CS.
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  • I had this happen. Dd2 was breech from day 1. We did external version it didn't work. It was done at 37.5 weeks. Awful. They scheduled c only because it's standard.
    Lo decided to come when she wanted and right when I knew it was true labor I called. I went right in to hospital. I was paranoid she would start coming out.
    My Ob did u/s to make sure she didn't flip before they prepped me. Nope same spot. They had a hard time getting her out. She was being strangled by her cord :/ poor kid.
    GL do some spinning babies and happy thoughts :)
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