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Blood in stool, already dairy/soy free?

DS is 6 weeks old. I've been dairy free since birth and soy free for almost 2 weeks. My first had MSPI so I went dairy free preemptively with #2, and eliminated soy after his poops turned green and mucousy. The pedi tested them for blood a couple weeks ago at a weight check and they were negative. Tonight, he's had two poops with some red blood streaks. Is it a possibility the soy could still be in his system and cause blood to pop up suddenly (this is the first time he's ever had visible blood)? I've been so careful reading labels and don't think I've ingested any dairy or soy by accident. My only other immediate thought is nuts, I ate a handful this afternoon and snacked on granola w/ nuts too. I'll call the pedi in the morning, but thought I'd check here. Thank you!
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Re: Blood in stool, already dairy/soy free?

  • Try to make a food diary of what you ate the last few days, particularly the other common allergens/intolerances: egg, wheat/gluten, and 3 others I can't remember right now.

    Did you read the  whole label or only look for the bolded "contains milk/soy"? I know some people are sensitive to soy ingredients that are exempt from the warning label.
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  • I agree w/ PPs about checking for hidden soy in what you've been eating. Also, since you've only been soy free for 2 weeks, it could just be that the soy protein is still working out of your systems. My DS had really sporadic blood specks in his poop while I was eliminating foods from my diet. If  symptoms haven't gone away in another couple of weeks you might consider eliminating something else, like nuts or one of the other top 8 allergens. GL!
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  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate it! I double checked vitamins and all is dairy/soy free. Pedi suggested eliminating nuts too, so ill try that.
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  • Sometimes when babies poop their rectums could stretch a little too much and create a tear. Just for future reference if you have eliminated everything a d it's still occurring. 
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