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Hello -

Can anyone recommend a small OB/Gyn practice near Doylestown (that delivers at Doylestown Hospital)?  I'm used to 3 or less doctors in a practice and all I can find is large 5+ places.  Thanks!!


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  • Dr. Dinesen & Associates. There are 3 Drs and they are all wonderful - their office is actually at the hospital too!
  • I would second Diensen.  I was at Doylestown Women's Health Center in Doylestown and delivered my 2nd son there.  There were a couple of woman doctors in that practice that I didn't like at all.  When you get pregnant you see all of the doctors.  So, I switched to Dinesen's office and I see him.  I would recommend him for sure.  I've spoken with the other female doc over the phone 2X and she wasn't very friendly.  Dr. Dinesen is so patient and really listens to your concerns and sometimes even draws diagrams etc.  LOL.  He's great.  Good luck.
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  • Dr. Dinesen!!! I love him and Dr. Ware (the woman Dr.)  the othe woman who may check you out is the practitioner (sp? sorry)  She is good, but can be alittle cold some times, I've only seen her twice.  The first time she was kind of quick and to the point (with my 1st pregnancy) With this pregnancy I actually saw her first and she was awesome. I too was at Doylestown womens health center at first and quickly made a change to Dinesen..could not be happier!! :)
  • Are these the only two practices for delivering at Doylestown? They are the only two the appear on a search through the hospital website!
  • I have the same question. I'm all set up at HUP at Penn in the city but since recently moving I would like to find a dr. closer.
  • I just called Doylestown Hospital and they confirmed those are the ONLY two practices that deliver at the hospital. WOW! For 1300 babies supposedly being born a year, there are seven doctors in two practices!? 
  • I'm using Advanced Wellness & Midwifery- they deliver at Doylestown and they have a really relaxing atmosphere. They will do whatever type of delivery you want, they are in the room with you during the entire process (I didn't want to just see my doctor while I was delivering), plus your partner and the baby can stay in the room with you after you deliver. I really like Dr. Ruth and highly recommend them!
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