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RH- ladies

I'm 28 weeks but will be 29 weeks by Saturday and I haven't gotten my Rhogam shot yet. Is it a huge deal if I'm a week or so late? My doc told me to get it as soon as possible but I didn't ask exactly how soon that means....


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Re: RH- ladies

  • The biggest concern is during delivery if a bit of the baby's potentially positive blood were to mix with yours.  Your body could work to build immunities to the positive blood which could put future pregnancies at jeopardy.  It's probably fine if you are a week late getting the shot at this point. They'll give you another one at the hospital when you deliver.
  • I got mine shortly after 29 weeks, after my doctor realized we were a little late with it, she gave it to me that day but also said it wasn't a problem.
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  • I got mine at 29 weeks and change.
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  • Got mine at 30 weeks.
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  • My last one was given at 29 weeks. Doctor said it was fine.

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