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Lesson learned... Oops

When in a pinch... Panty liners do NOT, I repeat, do NOT double as nursing pads...

Girl with the awkward wet spot at work
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Re: Lesson learned... Oops

  • Really? Who knew?! I would've tried it.

    Sorry about the wet spot.
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  • Hahaha sorry!


  • In the morning when LO and I first get up and I change his diaper I always, always spray. I end up using diapers to catch the milk. I should just sleep with a braw and nursing pads on. I just don't want to!!!
  • LOL! Who knew?!
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  • Sorry I had to laugh! But it was definitely a good effort!

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    Lol I laughed too. I forgot to put them on when I got out of the shower. I normally feed LO right before I leave, but he was asleep and I was running late so I didn't so I didn't catch it until it was too late.

    Eta: clarification
  • I laughed so hard... I'm sorry! I'm glad that you're spreading the info because I totally would've done it!
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