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NBR - Natural Cold Remedy

Do any of you have a natural cold remedy you swear by? Tomorrow is my birthday and I have the worst cold. My parents are supposed to come over to watch LO so DH and I can go out for dinner (which will be the first time we've gone anywhere without him.) Not gonna lie I DO NOT want to miss this opportunity!

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  • I heard that putting oil of oregano on the soles of your feet and then woolen socks works but I have never tried it. I normally take nyquil and neo citran, pass out for 18 hours and wake up feeling much better.

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  • It hurts like the dickens but my mom swears by it for relieving congestion - google cayenne rinse / cayenne & saline.

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  • Fluids, fluids, fluids. I'm sure you are well hydrated, but keep drinking more.

    Also, have you used a neti pot or the squirt bottle version. If you've never done it, it feels like jumping into water without plugging your nose. Do that multiple times a day as well (best right after a shower when bathroom is all steamy). Make sure to rinse with hot soapy water after each use.

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  • Fluids for sure. Vit E and Vit C taken together in pill form have made me feel better too :)
  • I use 1 drop of Oil of Oregano on my toothbrush. Add toothpaste because it's strong!! I swear by it and have cured DH a few times. You can also put 1 or 2 drops in a salt water solution and gargle
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