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DD Pink Ombre Birthday

DD will be 10 months on the 18th of March and I've already started thinking of what to do with her first birthday. I'm doing a pink ombre/gold theme. DH loves to bbq and use his smoker so I think we will probably be doing a bbq. DD cake will be banana with whipped cream frosting. I'm thinking of serving chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, fruit salad, pasta/potato salad, and maybe some cookies. What is everyone else serving at first birthdays?

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Re: DD Pink Ombre Birthday

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    DD 1st birthday is 5/8 (OMG can't believe how close it is). We are having a large (30+) pink and lime ladybug themed get together on the 24th as my husband has a HUGE family. The menu consists of the following:

    1. BBQ sandwiches w/coleslaw
    2. Baked Beans
    3. Meat & Cheese tray and all the condiments (deli style)
    4. Pasta Salad
    5. Meatballs
    6. Shrimp cocktail
    7. Fruit tray
    8. Veggie tray
    9. Chips/Pretzels
    10. Cake
    11. Ice Cream
  • We are doing a small get together for DD's first (April 1 - ahhhhh) with just us, grandparents and aunts/uncles.  We decided that if we started inviting other friends and family it would wind up being around 80 people and we don't want to do something that huge for her 1st.  We're going to give DD a large cupcake to smash and then also have a regular cake for everyone.
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