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Period while EBF and on mini pill?

I think I'm having my period. The flow is SUPER heavy, definitely more then spotting, there's cramping and I'm peeing a lot. I'm 18wks PP after my second child, by c-section this time. (First was vaginal) I started the mini pill at 6wks and my DD has never had a drop of formula. I didn't EBF w/my DS for this long so I'm not sure if this is normal.

Re: Period while EBF and on mini pill?

  • I think you should call your doctor's office for advice just because 1) you say it's super heavy and 2) you are recovering from major surgery in that area.  

    But otherwise, breastfeeding decreases the chances of your cycle returning, but doesn't eliminate it.  That's how siblings that are 10-11 months apart happen. :)  It's normal to get your period back right away and it's normal to have it take a couple years to come back.  I'm not sure how the mini pill affect the chances in either direction, but it probably has some effect being a regular dose of hormones.
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  • I agree to call the doctor so he can assess you especially you had C-section. When my period came back PP it wasn't that super heavy. 
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