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UTI symptoms 2 1/2 weeks post MC

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Hello all,

I had a MC about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I was almost 6 weeks and was in the ER for almost 7 hours with excessive bleeding.  After having an internal sono in the ER, it was confirmed that I passed all tissue.

Bleeding stopped about a week ago and I was just patiently waiting for AF to return.

Yesterday, I started having weird pains in the stomach, but it almost felt like gas pains.  Not excruciating, so I didn't think much of it.  Then, this morning, I started feeling symptoms of a UTI.  Slight burning, but not painful to urinate.  I have been going to the bathroom a lot, but I just returned to hot yoga and have been drinking lots of water.  I stopped at CVS on my lunch break to get one of those UTI tests and it was positive for Litrates and negative for nitrates would "could possibly be a sign of a UTI".

I called my doctor to see if this was something I should be concerned about. I have an appointment with him on Saturday anyway for a colposcopy (due to abnormal annual pap) but she said I shouldn't wait that long so they squished me in for tomorrow.  

Anyone else have something similar to this?  I am nervous now, hoping that the ER did everything they were supposed to.  I guess I would be lucky if it was just a UTI.  My DH and I have sex on Friday (exactly 2 weeks from the MC which was recommended) but maybe it was too early?  I am scared that it's something more than a UTI.

UGH... just when I thought I was coping and putting this MC behind me, this happens.  It's never-ending.

Thanks ladies.

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Re: UTI symptoms 2 1/2 weeks post MC

  • Good luck tomorrow. It sounds like a uti, especially if the store test was +leukocytes.

    Nitrates are really just icing on the cake for a uti. There are docs who won't prescribe antibiotics for uti if nitrates are negative. I'm guessing You'll be given antibiotics.

    FX that's all this is for you.

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    Yes, I had a bad UTI about 2-3 weeks after my natural m/c.  I hadn't had one in years and this one was pretty bad.  However, I'm pretty sure I brought it upon myself because my OB specifically told me nothing in the vagina for 3 weeks after the m/c (to prevent bad bacteria due to still open cervix).  DH and I violated the "vagina ban" by 4-5 days and lo and behold I ended up with the UTI just days later.  Antibiotics cleared it up and I took the OTC AZO Standard, which is tremendously helpful for the discomfort.  For the last month, I can feel that I am more prone to being on the verge of another one, so I drink lots of cranberry juice.

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  • @ifmamaainthappy SAME THING!  Well, my doc said 2 weeks. 2 weeks TO THE DAY is when DH & I violated our "vagina ban"... so I am sure that's what it is!  Like the MC isn't bad enough, then you have a ban!  If you ask me... it makes you want it more! Haha! 


    KMW08  Thanks for the info!  And yes, DUH- I wrote litrates (WTF IS THAT?!) instead of leukocytes.  Where's my brain lately?!


    Thank you both!

    Heading to the doctor within the hour so hopefully, it's only a UTI!

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  • **UPDATE**

    Had my doctor's appointment last night.  When he first entered the room and I told him my symptoms, he recommended that I reschedule my colposcopy (which was supposed to be Saturday morning) for two more weeks, in order for me to heal.

    While doing the exam, he said that everything looked perfect.  my cervix looked great and nicely healed.  No UTI, no vaginal infections.  He said the symptoms could be from hormones or even just "mental" since I am still emotionally healing.  Very normal, he said.

    BUT, he decided to do the colposcopy then and there, since I already made the trek.  After the fact, I am happy he did, so I can enjoy my weekend, but to be honest... I wasn't emotionally ready for it.  

    After everything I have already been through over the last 2 1/2 weeks... the bleeding, MC, ER visit for 7 hours, multiple internal exams, internal sonograms, cramps, more bleeding, ETC ETC... The last thing I was emotionally ready for was this procedure.  He took a biopsy, but otherwise said he doesn't see anything out of the ordinary.  Very healthy, and even ok'ed us to TTC whenever we want, even though AF hasn't arrived yet.

    I guess it's all good news and I am hoping this is it- I am ready to move forward now.  

    Thanks ladies... HUGS TO EVERYONE WHO NEEDS THEM! 
    Me-28 DH-37
    Together since 02/28/2007
    Married since 09/07/2013
    BFP 02/01/14 EDD 10/10/14 ...MC 02/08/14 

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