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ClearBlue Advanced = Yes, Wondfo = No?

Well finally on day 34 of my first 50mg clomid cycle (cd 5-9) I got a solid smiley which means it detected my surge on the CB Advanced opk. I was beginning to give up as I had about  2 weeks of flashing smiley faces. However I also tested with a Wondfo at the same time (about 2pm) and it didn't look positive. It had a visible line but not as dark as the control. Has this happened to anyone else? I've never tried Wondfo before today so I have only seen positive tests online. I have also never had a positive opk myself (of any brand) to compare to. OB wanted me to make an appoinment if I reached day 35 without a period as we know I haven't ovulated yet, but I don't want to end this cycle if I now have a chance to ovulate. Is it still possible to concieve this late if I do ovulate in the next day or so? Any answers are appreciated! I have pcos and do not ovulate on my own since quitting birth control last year to ttc. Baby dust and prayers to all as well!

Re: ClearBlue Advanced = Yes, Wondfo = No?

  • Thanks for the reply. This is our first time ttc so I started with my OB and was informed of all the risks but was not offered any monitoring this cycle other than the cd 21 blood work. Going forward, I would definitely seek the thorough monitoring I see everyone else getting but decided to just go without it for the first try since it wasn't offered to me.
  • This happened to me but luckily I was doing the ovulation tests in addition to monitoring with my RE. The wondfo was negative but I had a smilie face on the Clear blue. The reason is that if you have the clear blue kit that tests your four most fertile days the smilie is measuring estrogen and the flashing smilie is measuring LH. My monitoring showed that my lining thickened (estrogen increase) but I wasn't ovulating (hence the negative wondfo). As everyone already suggested, I would ask your OB for a recommendation to an RE and make sure you are properly monitored. I was only using OPK because I was curious but it wasn't my only monitoring.
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    #3: clomid (100mg)= no response 
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    #5: clomid (100mg then up to 150mg) = no response
    #6: IUI #1 follitism (4 days 100iu=nothing injection pen not working, 5 days at 150iu and 15iu HCG + ovidrel) = BFN
    #7: IUI #2 clomid (100mg)+ ovidrel = BFFN
    #8: IUI #3 letrozole = no response, follitism + low dose HCG + ovidrel = beta day June 24th!
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  • Our RE recommends the Clean Blue Advanced OPK for us to use. Once we get a solid smiley face we go in the following morning for an IUI.

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