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Need Longer Naps

Ugh! I'm at my wits' end! DS only takes one nap per day now, and it is only 2 hours long...sometimes 2:45 if I'm lucky. I usually put him in synthetic fibers at nap so he doesn't wake up from feeling wet. Today I felt frisky and put him in a cotton flat with cover. He still slept about the same amount of time. I could really use something more like a 4 hour nap out of him. That would give me just enough time to get groceries, get my hair done, and be back at the house before he wakes up. Any suggestions? Are we doomed to a life of horrible paper diapers???



Re: Need Longer Naps

  • Is there grocery delivery service in your area?

  • Meh, I usually come home after A's been awake for I don't even know how long and she's never gotten into too much trouble. Just do what you need to do and don't worry about it.
    Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste,
    It all revolves around you.
  • Oh, I could use this too.  A couple 4 hour naps would be great.  And also sttn. 
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  • I figure the screaming is good for them to wear themselves out so they will sleep some more. Leave the house any he should be back to sleep when you get home with the groceries. :)
  • This helped me out SO much.

    I LLOL.
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  • This helped me out SO much.
    That is the funniest thing I've seen all day.
  • But admit it. For a split second you considered it.

    I totally let DS have a sippy of water in his crib. He will wake up, take a sip, and konk back out. I think I'm going to have e to get rid of it before we potty train, though.


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