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Lost immunity?

My doc did an immunity screening for MMR stuff when I got pregnant, and told me that I had lost measles.  I had a test a couple of years ago and it was fine.  Anyone know if pregnancy can affect this?  Freaking out with all the measles exposures in the news in the last couple of weeks :(
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Re: Lost immunity?

  • It doesn't have anything to do with pregnancy.  Sometimes immunity just declines after vaccines.  It happened to me with Hep B.  I was immune when I started my job, and it wasn't until after a needle stick a few years later did I find out I was no longer immune.  All was OK though.

    You can't get the MMR in pregnancy because it is a live vaccine.  Just be careful and you will need a booster after delivery.

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  • It's not pregnancy. The MMR vaccine does require a booster.
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  • Just bad timing I guess, I was fully MMRed as a kid.
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