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Breast pain?

Hi, I am a Dec 13 mom, new to this board. I am on an elimination diet so I am excited to see the MSPI checkin and will join that next week.  In the meantime, I am trying to figure out why I am having intermittent shooting/burning sensation in my left breast for the past few days. It doesn't hurt when LO feeds. It doesn't seem like mastitis because there is no redness, lump, or swelling.  I can't even find the spot to push on the pain and generate it when it isn't hurting.  It just comes and disappears, always in the same spot.  I also don't have any external signs of thrush, and neither does LO.  Is there any other possible explanation for this kind of shooting pain?  It comes maybe a couple times an hour and is driving me crazy.

Re: Breast pain?

  • grasping at straws here, but... the shooting pains part does sound like thrush...  you can have it in your milk ducts without any external symptoms on the nipple. although it usually it hurts more while you're nursing. here is more info.
    there's another thing called nipple vasospasm that can cause shooting pain.

    i would definitely check in with your care provider if nothing changes after a day or two.
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