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m/c and my doctor hasn't called me yet

I had a m/c yesterday. I began spotting in the morning and called the doctor on call. About an hour later she called me back and verified with labs that I was miscarrying( I have my hcg tested over the weekend) She said she was sorry and that I would likely get a period soon. I asked if I should call my doctor. She said she would leave her a note and she may call me back to come in or have my levels tested. On Sunday, my Hcg was 10. So, two days have gone by and she hasn't called me. That is pretty ridiculous right? I was thinking about switching to a new practice and this may seal the deal. This is my first m/c and I have a ton of questions. What was your follow up after a m/c?

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Re: m/c and my doctor hasn't called me yet

  • First off I am so sorry for your loss.

    If you were thinking about switching OBs, go with your gut. I switched after my first MC and this doctor first of all was not happy I was pregnant again so soon (we got the green light from the other ob) but has said repeatedly she would've handled things from my last MC differently.

    Now that I have unfortunately miscarried again, it has been such a different experience with her. I am so glad I switched and so hopeful I will get answers soon and she has reassured me it won't happen again. Yes, they are just words but they mean so so much. Just to know she is on my side and cares matters so much.

    GL to you and I definitely recommend switching to someone you are more comfortable with.
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