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Piedmont Isis Childbirth class vs. Atlanta Women's Healthcare Spec class

Hi ladies,
I used to be on the knot a lot back in 2006 when I was planning my wedding, and I've visited the nest and bump sporadically since. Now I'm expecting my first (in July) and I'll probably be here a lot more with questions!
The first question:
My Dr is with Piedmont Ob-Gyn (so I'll deliver at Piedmont Atlanta), and suggests taking a full day childbirth edu class put on by the Atlanta Women's Healthcare Specialists, with Julie Duncan RN as the instructor. Not sure whether we should take that class, or the Piedmont Hospital full day class put on by Isis that takes place at Piedmont. Any of you have experience with either and any recommendations?

The second: 
We're starting to research daycares, since I'll go back to work after 12 weeks maternity leave. Any suggestions in the West Cobb area? We're open locations in Kennesaw (close to Marietta, near Dallas Hwy or Barrett), Marietta itself, or maybe Smyrna. I am clueless so far, so would really appreciate all feedback/advice, as well as any info on cost that you'd like to share.


Re: Piedmont Isis Childbirth class vs. Atlanta Women's Healthcare Spec class

  • Hi there, I'm interested in feedback to this same question! I'm due in May and my midwife is at Atlanta OB/GYN at Piedmont so I'm considering the same classes. :) I'm looking into other classes right now suggested by friends  - too many options! 
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  • Well that's good to hear, thanks Anniemore! I also just realized that the Isis childbirth prep  class is double the cost of the Julie Duncan one. Hopefully a few more people will weigh in and maybe we'll hear about their experiences before we have to decide.

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  • Congratulations!!! I delivered at Piedmont in November 2012 and had a great experience. I was signed up to take the childbirth class with Julie Duncan, however I went into preterm labor and delivered my baby a week before the class. Because Drew was in the NICU for almost 3 weeks, we spent a lot of time at Piedmont and got to know some of the nurses very well. I had conversations with several of them regarding breastfeeding, seeing a lactation consultant, etc. Julie Duncan is very highly thought of by the staff at Piedmont. And for what it's worth, I have seen her name on here many times over the years when women are looking for a good lactation consultant.
  • Thanks Amy! I think I'll sign up for the Julie Duncan classes at my next appt. I'm kind of shying away from the piedmont ones just because they're run by Isis/BRU.
  • No birthing experience with Piedmont (we had a bad experience with my FIL at that hospital, so chose to avoid it for my delivery), but I can suggest a daycare.  I work near Smyrna and DS goes to the Goddard School here and it's great.  We're really happy with it.  We also looked at Primrose, but ultimately went the Goddard School.
  • I also go to Piedmont Ob-Gyn and delivered at Piedmont. I had great experience at Piedmont - the care is outstanding. 

    I did the all-day class, but this was before they partnered with Isis, and the breastfeeding class was taught by Julie Duncan there, too.  I can't imagine either would be too different, but the benefit of taking the class at the hospital is that they go over very hospital-specific information and questions, regulations, etc. Our class was taught by two of the L&D nurses.   

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  • Thanks, that's a good point.
  • Definitely take the class taught by Julie Duncan! She is amazing and a former Piedmont nurse. I used to be a Mother Baby nurse at Piedmont, so if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
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  • Weighing in late, but I'd go with Julie Duncan. If for no other reason but you get that familiarity with her for when you (may) need her for breastfeeding assistance after birth. I love her, I would have quit breastfeeding too quick if not for her, and I'm so glad I took the class with her too. I also took baby care and baby CPR at new baby products.
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  • That's great to hear! I'm due in July and signed up for the June class. Are you bringing your husband to the bf class as well, or going by yourself?
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