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I guess I was really good this year...

Santa brought me the travel system (stroller and car seat) I've been eyeing up since we got picked.  It's the Graco stylus (chocolate brown and blue).  I will use the blue even if it is a girl.  It was so sweet that DH (oops I mean Santa) thought to get it for me.  He even put it together and everything. 

 My mom and sisters are angry though, they are worried that they won't be able to get me a better present than this!  They are so competitive lol.

Re: I guess I was really good this year...

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy that you got it I am sure it is beautiful!!
  • That was so sweet of Santa :-)
  • nice one, Santa.


    And what did Mrs. Claus do to reciprocate?

  • Nothing yet!  Santa got some cordless power tools to build the baby's new toybox/window seat.  It's all about the baby now!
  • How awesome!!! Enjoy this "waiting with excitement!"
    Photobucket My Favorite Part of Spring~Red Sox Baseball!
  • Wow - that's awesome - and I can't wait to see what you get from your mom - that's when competitiveness pays off!  :)
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