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3rd Trimester

symptom: itchy feeling


Im in my 3rd trimester and I've been experiencing an itch all over my body. I'm hydrated, wear enough lotion and don't show any marks on my skin, but the itch will not dissapear. Head to toe. The doctor said it is just the hormones.
Did anyone else experience that? Any advice?


  • Is there any redness or raised skin on the areas you feel itchy? I'm the exact same way but I can never find anything that would indicate a rash or irritation. Now I do have badly dry skin to the point where I'm peeling but even at that those aren't the areas where I'm itchy! As far as advice, try not to wear restricting or tight clothes (you're probably not at this point anyway) and depending on the weather where you're at, just wear super comfy clothes when you're at home like a cami and shorts or just a cami. I found that REALLY helps tone down the itchies.
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