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Should I go dairy free?

I have a three week old son and I EP. Everything has been fine, except yesterday he had one stool with a speck of blood in it and one other very small stool with a green mucous strand in it. My older son did have mspi so I eliminated dairy and he did great with it until he was 1 and then he was able to eat dairy again. With my 2nd LO the stools have been mustardy yellow and seedy so far except for these two. The rest of the stools throughout the day were fine. Should I go ahead and do a dairy elimination diet or should I wait and see if his stools start to turn green? I don't want to go down this road again, but will if I have to.
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Re: Should I go dairy free?

  • I can relate.  I would start to eliminate dairy.  If it is dairy related, you know he will have more blood in his stool (mucous too) regardless if you eliminate it now.  It takes a little while for their intestines to heal.  If you don't see it anymore, maybe try and slowly introduce dairy back into your diet.  I would definitely let your pedi know, so that he or she may be prepared to look for other ques.
  • Sorry, I would start eliminating dairy too.  I know it stinks, but it will be easier this time since you know what you are doing.
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  • So sorry this is happening.  When my DD was born, I was on high alert since my DS was MSPI and at 2.5 has multiple food sensiotivities including dairy and soy...but she was fine...for about 2.5 months before we had a gradual change in stools to greenish and then some blood.  I was so sad this happened again but she is now thriving on Alimentum.  Hope the transition goes well for you.  It is such a challenge!


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