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Carpal Tunnel Anyone?

I think I have developed carpal tunnel in my right wrist due to this pregnancy. It started this weekend and it is KILLING me. I can't open bottles, or put weight on my hand, and even sitting behind my computer using a mouse or typing a text message hurts. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do to ease the pain or make it easier to do daily tasks? I still have 9 weeks left and would like to utilize my dominant hand without pain! :(

Re: Carpal Tunnel Anyone?

  • I did.

    Submerging my wrists in ice cols water helped, as did very cold compresses.  Sorry you are dealing with this!


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  • I had carpal tunnel my first pregnancy. Half my hand was numb. My midwife had me wear a brace almost 24/7 until birth.

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  • Buy a wrist brace. I got mine from Target (forgot the brand name, sorry!). Helps keep the wrist stablilized. Just another lovely pregnancy symptom!
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  • Thanks for everyone's feedback! @mummyofsix This is my first pregnancy and I swear, I have had every random symptom possible! This little girl is making it harder and harder for me! haha 

  • I had it before pregnancy and was completely miserable for several months when I first got pregnant. Try sleeping with a brace, it doesn't have to be very snug, just enough to keep your wrist straight. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, invest in a support for your keyboard. They're about $20 for a soft gel one and worth every penny. If you wake up in pain at night, hang your arm off the side of the bed and rotate your wrist slowly to promote blood flow. Hope this helps you!
  • Brace, heat treatment (paraffin <3), stretches.  I had bilateral carpal tunnel from the time I was eighteen until I got the surgery six years ago.
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