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Birth control

Not to sound awful , I'm supper excited about my little guy but I've definitely been thinking about options for afterwards. Anybody else or have any input on a type? I've been thinking about the arm implant one

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  • I'll probably go with the mini-pill at first and see how it goes.  I've had mostly good experiences with hormonal birth control in the past. so it seems like it's worth a shot.   We'll see how we feel about having other kids...if we think we'll wait a while (or be one and done) then I might go with Mirena.
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  • That was my first choice but then I remembered I get bad at pill taking haha
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  • Before G and between E and this baby, I used nuvaring and really liked it. While I was nursing, we used condoms and foam, and the foam tore up my bladder and gave me all kinds of awful issues there. This time I'll be getting a tubal during my C, and I'm pretty excited to get away from hormonal BC.
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