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Elimination diet questions...smelly poos, almond milk?

So I've been on an elimination diet for nearly a month now for my 11 wk old...i've eliminated dairy, soy, peanuts, wheat, eggs...I only eat chicken or turkey for meat (no fish).  She's still having bloody poops so I called the GI dr and he wants me to further remove oats and garlic, but wasn't concerned with me continuing to drink almond milk. Does this sound right or would you go ahead and remove that as well? I've been drinking it for calcium and also eating almond butter for protein/fat.

Second, for the past 48 hours her poos smell really foul...I usually can check for blood easily but I've had to hold my breath they are so potent. They are gold/brown liquidy at this point. is this normal for the process?

Re: Elimination diet questions...smelly poos, almond milk?

  • Nuts are definitely a common allergen, so I would consider eliminating them. Also, with my MSPI baby, I found that the store bought almond milk bothered him. I don't know which of the ingredients it was, maybe carageenan, maybe hidden soy, but he did not like it when I drank store bought almond milk. I make my own at home now, which is really easy.

    I found that when my DS had really foul smelling diapers, something was up. I don't think it's normal, I think it means someone is bothering their digestive system. That's just my experience/personal opinion, though.


  • Almond milk bothers my LO.
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