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Crazy or not?

Am I crazing for saying that my sweet baby boy doesn't need to be out at walmart and in the general public besides dr appointments for the first couple weeks of his life?

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  • Well this is my first so didn't know if I was crazy or not. I mean a can go to the park and walk around the block. I'm just scared to expose him to too much like germd
  • No,but to each his own.
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  • You're not crazy, but I think it's silly. You really don't have to be a shut in.

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  • I kept my first in the house for the first few weeks, but it was also 20 degrees and snowy/icy outside when she was born. I took baby #2 out earlier than I did my first. Being that the weather *should* be nicer for #3, I'd imagine we'll be out and about soon after birth.
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  • I'd go nuts staying in - so I never have ;)  But do what makes you feel comfortable.  I just wear my babies - no one touches them or breathes on them and it's never been an issue.
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  • It's not crazy that you feel that way, but it's not crazy to take your newborn to wal-mart either. To each their own. That being said, I did flip out when my best friend babysat my one month old and took him to Denny's! You could smoke there at the time. To me second hand smoke is far worse than a trip to the store.

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  • I'd go stir crazy not going out at all.  It depends upon the amount of recovery time you need.  If you're really sore then you might not want to go out much, but if you're feeling fine then why not?

    We will deliver at the beginning of April and I'd like to get photos of the baby with the Easter bunny at the mall.  

  • I agree with PPs. It's not the end of the world if you do go out, as long as no one is touching or breathing on him.
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  • We stayed pretty close to home because LO was a preemie during RSV season, this time I'm hoping for a termie and with a spring time baby the risk is a little less. I think every mom finds her own comfort zone with this. I also encourage you to baby wear if you do go out and be smart, use lots of hand sanitizer and don't pass your kid off to the granny with a hacking cough or let the snotty toddler kiss their face.
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  • I wasn't crazy about taking DS into public for the first month or so, but I didn't mind going to visit relatives. It did take awhile before I was comfortable bringing him shopping or anything like that.
  • I took my son to the grocery store the day after we left the hospital. I had been going stir crazy in the hospital so I needed to get out! I wore him in an ergo with infant insert so no one would touch him. A woman peered at him over my shoulder. She got in my personal space but he was fine. Do what you feel is comfortable, baby wearing made it a lot more comfortable to be out in public earlier
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