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I am trying to figure out what we still need and what we should exchange (from the shower) in terms of baby clothes. I am due near the end of April & live in Chicago, so I will still need some warmer gear for the first month or so. I have virtually no newborn clothes (2 s/s onesies & 2 snp) because most only go up to 7 lbs and I have no idea how much she will weigh, so I don't want to invest in a ton of newborn stuff. I have a lot that is in the 3 month range (0-3, 3, & 3-6) but they vary on size. I'm assuming that in the summer the baby will just wear mostly short sleeve onesies and have no need for pants. We received a lot of 3 month sleep and plays, but thinking ahead, that puts us in July/August and I would think that is too hot for the baby to wear. Do they just wear those to bed?

Am I wrong in my thinking? What do babies wear in the summer (day & night)? I feel like all I have are onesies & no pants. I'm so confused!
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  • I will say the Gerber brand runs small. I've noticed that the 0-3M usually fits NB, 3-6 fits 0-3. 

    In the summer, I'm in Florida, baby will wear onesies and maybe shorts with them and sleep in sleepers/ sleep n plays. 
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  • I would only get a few items in newborn size and then get some in 0-3 month.  Baby clothes can be really inexpensive so I'd rather just wait on buying more clothes.

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  • My daughter is a May baby in WI. You will want long sleeves and sleepers. May was freezing and just a onesie would not have cut it.
  • Finnaroo said:
    DD was born in November, but it's already in the 70s here.  I had a ton of onesies...and I think that she wore 3 once each.  She's not a fan of things going over her head even now at almost 4 months.
    If the onesies have expandable shoulders you can easily dress from the bottom up without ever having to pull the onesie on over baby's head. DS had a huge head and he hated stuff being pulled over his face, so i pulled the onesie up over his hips and slid his arms in rather than going down over head. It's also great to take the onesie off by rolling it down in the event of diaper blowouts.

    OP, DS was a June baby, and he wore onesies without pants when we were lounging around the house. My mom always put him in pants, but for the most part we didn't think he was cold during the day. At night we put him in the sleep and plays, in part because we turned the A/C down a few degrees and we worried about him getting too cold, especially since he couldn't use a blanket yet.
  • With DD I had found out at around 34 weeks at a growth scan that she was already around 6lbs, so decided to skip NB size and go right to 0-3.

    With this little one being a boy, and likely to be the same size if not bigger then DD we again skipped NB size.

    I did get 6 of those sleeping gowns they are great no matter what the season for bed time, they are light and can be combined with a blanket and swaddling plus allow for easy diaper changes.

    What kind of sleepers did you get?

    If they are the cotton ones they are still nice in summer esp. if you use air conditioning.
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  • DS was in newborn clothes for about 2 weeks he was 7lbs 6oz and 21in long. The 0-3 were a little big on him initially but quickly moved into them. DS was born at the end of March so he had some short sleeved and long sleeved stuff for those early months as well as pants and shorts.
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  • In SW MI, so I get your dilemma. I have several gender neutral nb outfits from my first two babies that are long sleeves and pants. My 2nd didn't wear nb, but my first did for about 4 wks and she was 7lbs at birth. I got a lot of my smaller size baby clothes at a Once Upon A Child. Babies outgrow those sizes so fast that a lot if the items are brand new or have only been worn a couple of times. We got by with about 8-10 outfits in each size, but we end up doing laundry about every other day. In the summer, my kids wore one piece rompers most of the time-they're just easier.
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  • Thank you all. Sounds like I need to buy some more pants and sleepers. I just don't want her to be too hot (or too cold). Is there a place where I can get cheap solid color onesies? I only seem to find plain white ones. 
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  • Minneapolis May baby here, definitely needed some 3 and 6 month pants & full coverage pjs. Even when its hot outside there's still A/C inside which can be chilly.
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  • imo You might want to hang on to some things and exchange them later after you've developed a preference.  I tend to like sleepers and jumpers - outfits that you don't have to pull over the head or are very easy to pull over the head.  I have a few onesie outfits because they have a cute thing on the bottom & have a matching drool bib.  After baby is about 3 months or so, you may start having poop blowouts, and believe me, a sleeper covered in poop is ALOT easier to get over the hair than a onesie.... but that's my own preference talking (and the fact that we sent through a spell with my daughter where she blew poop up the back of her diaper or out a leg hole at least once a day). Also, a baby with pants on is less likely to get poop on your hand or the floor than a baby without.
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