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Has anyone had a D&C with local rather than general anesthesia?

Just curious.  I would much rather stay alert during the process - it is just a personal preference of mine because being knocked out completely scares the heck out of me.  Is this an option?  




Re: Has anyone had a D&C with local rather than general anesthesia?

  • I had what they called an mac or something like that. You are sedated but just monitored. I was worried because they said I might be aware and remember things. However I only remember the iv and my legs being put in the stirups. I woke up in recovery about 10mins after it was done. Imp the scary part was being wheeled into the or.
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  • I thought I wanted that because I was really scared to be put under too but it was actually better for me cuz I didn't want to even remember one thing about the procedure but it's totally up to u and your doctors
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  • For mine they gave me some Adavan (pills) and told me to try and sleep for an hour. Then they gave me laughing gas in the OR. Then they froze my cervix and the whole procedure took like less than 5 minutes. There was times when it was REALLY painful (a different kind of pain I'd never felt before). But I think overall it was good. There was no IV, no catheter. I was able to have a friend in with me the whole time. I wasn't give the option of a general or I probably would have taken it because I'm a wuss. But IF I had the option again, in hindsight the route I took wasn't that bad.

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  • I chose to not be put out. I was told the process would be faster. Meaning in and out without time waking up from being knocked out. They gave me something to relax me. I felt nothing and was perfectly fine (physically). I'm very happy I decided on this. The whole process was an hr and I got to go right home.

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