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3rd Trimester

STM's-- Nursery Organization??

We had our baby shower over the weekend and are blessed and overwhelmed with all the awesome baby stuff we got. 

Just wondering how you organized it all?? Obviously things I will not use right away can be put away. The rest I look at and thing "Where to even begin..."

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Re: STM's-- Nursery Organization??

  • I haven't had a shower yet but I've read and seen tons of organized baby closets online. Pinterest is great for that. But most have the cloth bins to toss and sort things. Also I've seen cute size sorters for the closet to sort all the hanging clothes.
  • The first step for me was getting the stuff that won't be used for a while out of sight and stored away. The bigger sized clothes, the bigger sized diapers, things for feeding the baby, etc.

    Everyone has different space, furniture, and preferences so your way of organizing it won't be the same for anyone else. You just need to start putting stuff in places and trial and error will take over. Chances are you are going to move stuff around after the baby gets here because you'll then see what works and what doesn't for you.

    From my own experience, after dwelling over where to put things in the nursery for #1, I soon realized that I had moved almost everything into our bedroom little by little during the first 2 months bc we almost never used the nursery during that time.

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  • Think about where you and Baby will spend ost of your time.  Make sure you have the basics close by to whereever that will be; i.e., if you plan to use your living room as a sort of a play room during the day, don't put all of your diaper changing supplies super far away.  Depending on your space, it might also be helpful to have more than one "changing station" around the house/ apartment.  I found that I ended up keeping several receiving blankets in our living room, because that's where I spent the most time with Baby. (PS, those blankets are great for everything.)
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