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1st birthday approaching

Our 2nd son is a mere 3 days away from his 1st birthday... which is truly mind boggling.  Time flies when you have 1, with 2 it is like warp speed.  This year has gone by so incredibly fast it is hard to imagine.  With 2, my posting here has been sporadic at best, but I will continue to try to stay on the board as much as I can.

Re: 1st birthday approaching

  • Congrats on the birthday.  I cannot imagine how life just flies by in your house with two little ones.  Hope he has a great birthday celebration.

    And you post enough. We all do.  LIfe is busy, dog.


  • Agreed. I'm sporadic too...hey, you do what you can. Another birthday, congrats...you'll be shipping them off to college soon!
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